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Get The Look of The New Girl’s Cece Meyers!

Cece, Cecilia, Meyers is Jess Day’s best friend. The supermodel is of Indian decent, is loving and honest. Cece is disciplined and blunt, giving advice to her friends when they need help. Although she is blunt about other people’s lives she is guarded about her own, not letting Jess in on all her secrets. Cece’s style is very basic, sticking with blacks and dark greys, but does love a good pop of colour. She is fashion forward, and always looks amazing.

Cece Meyers 1

Cece likes dark neutral colours and body flattering dresses. She is sexy without revealing too much skin.

Cece 2

Leather sleeved coats are huge right now, the colour blocking keeps the look unique while tying it all together. The black and white dress is modest, with the long sleeves but fits the body perfectly.

Cece 3

This look is perfect for Valentines Day. Cece keeps the look simple by pairing a colorful shirt with a more muted blazer and jeans. This look is chic without looking like you tried too hard.

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