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Get The Look of The New Girls’s Winston Bishop!

After playing basketball in Latvia for two years, Winston Bishop rejoined his friends in the apartment. Bishop grew up with romate Nick Miller, and is the common sense of the group.When he first came back to America he had no idea what had been happening, and he had a hard time keeping a job. Bishop is a fast learner – picking up the bells – likes ducks and believes Santa Claus and werewolves are real.

Bishop’s style is casual, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, all typical jock clothing. He likes to wear dark colours – blacks and navys – but never shied away from colour, wearing: purples, reds and oranges. His wardrobe is perfect for this dark winter weather.

Winston Bishop

This is a more dressed up casual look, perfect for a more relaxed night out. Leather jackets are huge right now, and pairing it with a printed blouse and dark jeans keeps the outfit casual. The large purple necklace adds some colour and individuality to a neutral outfit.

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