Essential Photography Tips For Your Brand

If a photo says 1000 words, then a corporate brand photo says a million! 

Photographs tell a story of your company and what the company does. They give a glimpse into daily life for its viewers to see. 

There are many types of different quality photographs every entrepreneur and company should invest in to boost the visual aspect of it. Since people visualize with a photo more than they do with a text, the photos do the talking for you.

When people visit your company website, they will see lots of different photos that will portray your brand name from various angles. The question is, are these photos doing your business justice or acting as a filler in between the text? 

Let’s take a look at why and what essential corporate photos every brand needs to have to stand out!

Interior Photography

Showing the surroundings of the company’s internal space is a great way to give your customers a valuable inside view of your brand and how you work. 

Don’t go taking pictures of every room cluttered with office equipment. Select a few corporate meeting rooms with people sitting down and arrange the chairs nicely with a blackboard and a few plants around the room and a white-walled background. 

The goal of interior photos is to create a clean, sophisticated look for the corporate building.

Product Close-up Shots

Immerse your viewers with close-up shots of your product range from various angles. 

Taking close-ups displays every detail and texture the naked eye is unable to see of the product, creating an element of artistic beauty. This technique can also work for employees handling the equipment with a close-up shot that portrays how the products are made.

You can also go a step further with macro close-ups that show incredible detail of something as small as a pin; these kinds of shots look incredible on your website or even on a wall in the office. 

Staff & Group Photos

These photos are a must-have for any company site to grab customers’ attention, especially in service-related industries where customers come into contact with employees daily.

When taking staff photos, make sure to choose the best-dressed staff members that have a good smile and can show off their personality to match the brand values. 

Group shots look incredible when taken with a professional camera, as the chosen staff members will look engaged and smiling, which gives off a togetherness feeling within the company. Highlighting those special members of your team that contribute to the brand speak volumes in a high-quality photography session with the likes of Chicago Corporate Photography

On-site Shots

Making shots on-site really makes an impact on those looking in and gives them a technical view of employees handling day-to-day tasks. Make sure those on duty feel comfortable being in the shot before proceeding. 

Another point to mention here is making sure the background is clean and also the models.

Customers Review

Taking a photo of a present customer (or prop if required) interacting with the brand products or services tells a story of how they use them and provides a powerful statement when the photo is taken in the company office or at a customer’s home.

If using the product outside, create a background where it fits in with the brand. For example, if the brand is about bikes, you would want the bike at the center of the photo with a background of dirt trails and woods.

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