7 World Class Activities Accessible From Townsville


Living in the hustle and bustle of the city has its perks. City life promises an exciting and busy lifestyle that always has an abundance of activities available. However, as cities such as Sydney become more packed each year, it seems that it has less perks and more inconveniences. Many stay in the city still as they don’t want to sacrifice the electric night life and experiences of any busy centre. What if I told you though, that you could experience this lifestyle, at a slightly slower pace, with fewer crowds, and much less of a cost? Land for sale across in Townsville from Lendlease Communities can promise you this. Don’t believe me? Let me show you seven world class activities in Townsville that will have you thinking you’re where you’re meant to be.

Anderson Park Botanical Gardens

Spanning over 25hA, the Anderson Botanical Gardens showcases the raw beauty of a range of native and tropical plants. What started as a small arboretum in the 1930’s, the Anderson Park Botanical Gardens delivers beautiful walking trails and never before seen views.

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Adjacent to the centre of the Great Barrier Reef, the research centre provides tours around the site teaching guests about the AIM’s current research and a look into the world’s smartest aquarium.

Castle Hill

Merely metres away from being classed as a mountain, Castle Hill is one of the most iconic sights of Townsville, planting itself right in the centre. The Hill not only shows off its awe-inspiring appearance of a giant pink monolith, but it also has numerous trails, paths and photo opportunities wrapped within a rich history.

Magnetic Island Dive Site

Diving is a hugely rewarding experience which is sure to tempt everyone into the water. The relatively shallow water fetches a balmy 23 degrees which will have you swimming all day while you uncover an array of sea life and wonder. Walks around the headlands and shores are just as exciting as diving itself with crystal-clear bays and reefs.

Horseshoe Bay Ranch

One activity that is hard to come by can be found at the Horseshoe Bay Ranch which gives you the chance to recreate romantic movie scenes as you ride along the shores on the back of a horse. From barn to beach, the horses used in the ranch are retired from a life of rounding and organising cattle, so they enjoy the rides just as much as you!

Riverway Arts Centre

Combining Townsville’s best, the Riverway Arts Centre brings together creativity, leisure and nature for an unforgettable experience. Theatre season in 2019 promises both local and national talent to be shown in a huge theatre while also being able to be configured for events or functions.

The Strand

The strand is Townsville’s beachfront boulevard that gives an arty and modern feel to a booming region. Laced with cafes, restaurants and even a water park, The Strand will have to shifting toward the beach to enjoy the range of activities available along the shore.

When looking for things to do in your town, you don’t want to be limited to whatever up and coming bands are playing in your local pub. You want your home to be in a spot that’s central to a fun and explorative day and a lit up night life. You don’t have to be in the centre of it all to get these activities on your doorstep each night. The answer to your conundrum could be as easy as looking into planned communities across Australia. Have a look into other cities such as Townsville through Lendlease Communities and find the array of experiences Australia has to offer in your very own home today.

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