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Nude photos of many A-list celebrities leaked online

Nude photos of more than 100 A-list celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, have fallen victim to a hacker who is releasing their private photos. According to CTV, A 4Chan user posted the trove of photos Sunday night, writing...
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Five Shopping Tips For The Vintage Jewelry Lover In All Of Us

Shopping for antique jewelry can be fun and very profitable for the right person. The next time you are at a garage sale or flea market, keep your eyes peeled. You can find some of the best surprises in vintage jewelry if you a...
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Holding Back The Years…

If you recognize that title as a Simply Red song from the 1980′s, this article is definitely for you. If you don’t, it will be for you someday, so go ahead and read it now! Hollywood has changed. The late 20′s...
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4 Hot Engagement and Wedding Ring Designs for 2014 and Beyond

There’s nothing quite as timeless as a diamond, which is why, in most cases, it is the chosen precious stone for wedding and engagement rings. However, the times of the traditional round cut single stone set inside a four...
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Love Fall Outfits – ‘Nuff Said

No doubt, fall is my favourite season of the year. I get to pull my boots out from hiding, wear my favourite tights and knits, and mainly leather jackets. This outfit though may be one of my favourite outfits I have ever put to...
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Moving On

I’m just finding it hard to get over my ex… now I just found out that he is expecting a baby. Now all I do I try to make myself look like his girlfriend thinking that maybe he will love me again. I know this is cra...
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