Making the Most of Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is an exciting adventure and, for some women, may have been a dream they have thought about since their youth. The wedding day is a day to show your commitment to the one you love, and it’s a day to be remembered and cherished. How can you truly make the most of this special event?


The people you invite to your wedding are an important part of making your day memorable. Remember that it is your day, and try not to get mixed up with the stress of pleasing other people and inviting everyone you know. Weddings can be expensive,  so invite people that share your life and are an important part of it. If you are selective about who you invite, those that do attend can be involved in the entire day; ceremony and reception. 

Guests will form part of your memories of the day, and you will be able to reminisce in years to come. They are also great at taking lots of extra photographs that you can use as a memoir. What about the professional photos?


Choosing the right photographer is important and visual images tell the story of your love and the beautiful time that shows your commitment and love to your significant other. Choose a photographer with good reviews. Spend some time looking at their website and examples of their work. 

Another option to capture the day that you feel beautiful and sexy is to book a bridal boudoir session. This is an opportunity to capture some intimate photos and is a great treat to celebrate your wedding and can be the perfect gift for your other half to cherish in years to come. 


Choosing a venue for your wedding is challenging as you must juggle budget, location, facilities, availability, and preference; all of these don’t always come together, so you should select a variety of options to avoid disappointment. 

Many venue decisions will be dictated by decisions already made, such as guest numbers, themes, and location. There are so many to choose from, such as hotels, manor houses, castles, function rooms, tipis, or a marquee in a garden. Consider the season and whether it would be practical having most of the reception outside or whether it would be safer (and warmer) to select an inside venue for comfort. 

Picking a theme for your wedding will help you select a venue that will complement the style. If you are planning a fairytale-themed wedding, then a castle would be the appropriate choice. For a gypsy/bohemian-style then a professionally erected tent or marquee is a great option.


For the bride-to-be, choosing your wedding dress could be the most important thing to get right. The perfect dress will make you feel like a true princess, happy and glowing as you walk down the aisle, ready to exchange your vows. 

There are an abundance of styles, colors, and materials to choose from, so do your research and try as many dresses on as you can. Many companies offer unique services depending on your budget,  so don’t rush it and enjoy the experience. It’s a dress for one day so remember to set a limit on how much you will spend. 

With the right planning, a positive attitude, and good support, you can make the most of a wonderful day and create memories to treasure forever. 

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