Vacuuming Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Home


One of the most important tools that  you can have in your house is a vacuum cleaner. For spotless dirt, carpet mites and germ-free living it requires one to have good vacuum cleaning skills.

Owning a vacuum cleaner doesn’t guarantee you a clean home, how you use it is what matters. Sometimes you may think you are vacuuming the right way only to realize you are doing it wrong.

However, worry not. Below are essential vacuuming tips that will help you clean your home like a true professional.

Know How to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner should not damage your floor, carpet or leave scrapes. Know how to use your vacuum tools accordingly. Do not hit on edges of boards or walls hard. Use the crevice tool and lightly feather away dust while cleaning furniture and other compartments.

Moreover, when cleaning rugs or carpets made of wool or fiber, don’t use beater bars to avoid them plucking or tarring. If you feel it will be too cumbersome for you, you can still hire a professional cleaning crew whilst also getting to learn a thing or two from them.

Are you cleaning stairs? Not all vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning stairs. Check Squiffy Clean for details and reviews of the best vacuums for cleaning stairs.

Know and Take Care of your Machine

As much as you intend to keep your house sparkling clean, don’t forget your treasured equipment. Make sure you maintain your vacuum cleaning machine so that it serves you for a long time.

Each time you dust your house, be sure to always dispose of the bag when it’s full and replace it with another regularly. In doing so, you will allow air to flow within your vacuum enabling it to function properly.

A vacuum cleaner that has malfunctions will not do an excellent job. Ensure that you repair your machine any time you notice a malfunction to improve its cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.

Establish a Regular Routine

Know the number of times during the day in which you must vacuum clean. Allowing dirt and dust to pile up for long will make it difficult for you to vacuum clean properly. Therefore, sticking to a consistent routine ensures that your vacuum cleaning is effective and efficient.

Vacuum cleaners just like other household equipment are sensitive to dust and can be easily damaged if it is overworked. Cleaning regularly ensures that you keep the dirt and dust at a bare minimum to give yourself an easy time vacuum cleaning.

If you happen to be away regularly, you can hire someone to vacuum clean your house. The important thing to do is not to allow your floors, carpets or rugs to be dirty for long periods.

Be Gentle and Slow

Before you start vacuuming with haste because you don’t want to be late for your appointment, think again. To effectively clean well you need to take your ample time. Move the vacuum cleaner back and forth slowly to allow for the dirt to be loosened up.

 By going slow, you will be giving the vacuum cleaner enough time to pick dirt fragments from the floor, carpet, furniture, and corners. Moreover, ensure that you set your machine to operate at the right speed for effective cleaning.

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