How to Deal With a Bad Roommate in a Good Way

You can’t always pick your roommate and, chances are, they are going to be very different from you. Being different is one thing, but being a complete nightmare is another sort of mumbo-jumbo you aren’t ready to dance with. Keep calm, there are ways of overcoming these extreme differences without one having to kill the other. This is how to deal with a bad roommate in a good way:

1 – Contain the Flame
These raging conflagrations always start with a spark. The blazes escalate faster than you may realize during each spat between the two of you. You may find yourself desperate for reinforcements, however this can only add fuel to the flame. Keep this argument between the two of you or else it will surely get out of hand. Everyone will have their own opinion and the problems will keep on stacking. Keep a level head, even if your roommate dares to include an outside party. Discuss this like the civilized person you are.

2 – Be Honest
If things with your roommate are truly terrible, be sure that you let them know in a relaxed manner. If they have terrible habits, call them out on it; if they are keeping you up at night, reason with them; if the two of you cannot agree, strike a deal. Instead of keeping your feelings pent up and instead of ranting to an outside friend, have a heart-to-heart with your roomie.

3 – Talk, Compromise, Reach a Deal
This means exactly as the title suggests. Don’t look for the easiest way out, seek an agreement that works for the two of you. This is when the two of you try to make things right. This will mean that you have to make a few sacrifices, but don’t be the one making ALL the changes.

4 – Move Along
Sometimes these things just don’t work out. As a last resort, the two of you may consider parting ways. This is in no way a failure. Perhaps things will change down the road, but you mustn’t force these changes. Don’t feel discouraged about these outcomes, run with them. This won’t be the guaranteed end for all of your roommate relationships. Here’s hoping that all goes well.

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