Holiday Traditions to Start this Year

The holidays are a time to spend time with loved ones and enjoy family traditions. There are so many holiday traditions that people practice, from religious services to decorating their homes. Here are a few traditions anyone can start practicing this holiday season.

One tradition to try this year is to make dinner for a family member or friend. The holidays can be a difficult time of year, especially for people that are far from family or live alone. Cooking for someone in this situation can help them feel less lonely and cared for. If you choose to make dinner for someone, make sure they don’t have any allergies you aren’t aware of. Try to find a recipe that is healthy and delicious for them to enjoy. With all of the junk food available at the holidays, you want to make sure they are eating well. Your neighbor will be grateful you thought of them, and you’ll feel good for helping someone else.

Another tradition is to look at Christmas lights. Grab your siblings or a few friends and drive around your neighborhood. It’s always so fun to see all the lights everyone has set up on their houses. Before you start slowing down to look at the lights, make sure no one behind you is in a hurry. If it looks like some one is trying to get somewhere, pull over and let them pass. You can also find a place to park and walk down a few blocks to look at everyone’s Christmas lights. It may be safer than potentially blocking traffic. 

You can also send out holiday cards as a family tradition, whether your family is by blood or by choice. Take photos together as a group at a place that’s important to your family. If some family members are far away, have everyone take a selfie at their favorite spot and put each individual picture on the card. Your holiday cards will look great with everyone on them, whether it’s a selfie collage or one picture with everyone in it. You can get your christmas cards at Basic Invite. They have a bunch of holiday cards options that let you add photos. You’ll find the perfect card for you on their site. Check them out!

Still not sure how to mark the holiday season this year? Make your own tradition. Ask everyone what is one thing they want to do for the holidays this year, and do as many of those things as you can. Eat at that restaurant you keep wanting to go to, go see the local holiday event you’d always skipped, or watch the old holiday classic you haven’t seen yet. Soon you’ll have a collection of activities to do each year at the holiday season. Or make a tradition out of just do one or two of the things you especially enjoyed this year. 

I hope you enjoy the holiday season this year by trying out a few new traditions. Make dinner for a neighbor, look at Christmas lights, send out holiday cards, or try something completely different and new. Happy holidays however you decide to celebrate.

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