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Get The Look of The New Girl’s Jess Day!

Jessica Day, played by Zooey Deschanel, is whimsical, quirky and one of a kind. Jess is a former teacher who moved in with Winston Bishop, Nick Miller and Schmidt when her long term boyfriend was caught cheating. Jess enjoys singing – instead of talking – handbells and Dirty Dancing.

Her upbeat and positive personality is good but can also get her in trouble. Believing everything will go well makes Jess a little naive, which is why her friendships with the boys, and CeCe Meyers are so important. Cece is a strong, confident person and looks out for Jess. These friendships are what make this show wonderful.

Her style is perfectly retro – a lot like Deschanel. Jess wears a lot of bold prints, polka dots, stripes and cardigans. Even her large glasses, reminiscent of Buddy Holly, bring her look to a vintage level. Jess shows watchers that you should never fear bold colours and mixing patterns, nothing is too weird to experiment with. Even her simpler looks have a trendiness to them, showcasing menswear.


Even though she is just rocking a simple shirt dress, Jess uses her shoes to add an unexpected pop of colour. The cinched waist keeps the look feminine, though the style is menswear. Jess is still quirky but in a very trendy way.

Jess Two

Mixing prints can be tricky, but Jess does it seemingly little effort. Using colours in the same range helps blend the patterns together instead of clashing. Both of these pieces feature the retro trend which ties them together with the colours and the shoes. Also, using a belt to separate the two fabrics will help with the cohesion.

Jess Three

For everyday wear, Jess generally tends to wear one bold print. Her dresses all have a vintage feel and the prints lean towards the sixties. In pairing this with a toned down colour will make the print stand out but keep the look subtle.

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