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Get The Look of The New Girl’s Nick Miller!

Nick Miller had his life planned out for him, a great girlfriend, a year and a half left of law school and a job bar tending on the side. When he gets dumped his life plan changes, Miller decided to leave law school tend bar full time.

Nick is pessimistic, and against Jess’ childlike optimism, he looks even more grouchy. He is a nice guy and is always there for his friends, even helping new friend Jess within the first day of meeting her. Nicks style is very simple, plaid or long sleeve shirt and jeans. These clothes are perfect for a relaxing day, going to class or getting work done at a coffee shop.

Nick Miller

For this casual a look it is always fun to throw in something sparkly, the studded flats are still low key but add some whimsy to the look. The boyfriend jeans are loose and comfortable and layering shirts can add different colours and patterns.

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