When It’s Time to Break Up

There comes a time in many relationships where couples are past seventh heaven and struggle to find meaning in staying together. Once you’ve experienced those first few stages of bliss with your boyfriend, you may run into some problems that complicate your strong bond. Every couple usually tries to make amends as well as to learn from their mistakes in order to prevent recurrences. However, when things become challenging with nonstop stacking of problems, lack of improvements and tremendous emotional turmoil, it may be time to reassess the point of continuing further.

While there are many reasons behind why couples choose to break up, here are the most common ones:


If you’ve been cheated on by your boyfriend before, you were probably devastated because you found it difficult to trust him again. Could you count on his loyalty? He could even manipulate you into justifying that his betrayal was your fault. Perhaps he is a sweet-talker and could get away with yet another affair. One could never be completely sure, which causes great confusion and skepticism. So is he worth another chance?

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Mismatched Couple

Two people could enjoy the benefits of a relationship (love, intimacy, protection, etc.) but have staggering differences that make them incompatible. The distinctions in their personalities could often clash with one another, resulting in frequent disputes. Therefore, if they cannot overcome their differences in preferences, backgrounds, goals, habits and beliefs, then it is difficult to sustain a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

Lack of Feelings

Feelings between a couple may diminish over time or may have never occurred. Without affection, there is no basis for a romance between two people. As a result, it is best to separate in order to be with someone who you are truly interested in.

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Relationship Turned Dull:

Most relationships start off with incredible passion that decline slightly after a period of time. This is due to the fact that couples fall into a routine of seeing each other frequently, which reduces the intensity of their romances. Humans are creatures of habit but with respect to romance, dullness should never perpetuate for more than a few moments.  When things are no longer interesting, you can’t help but question yourself, Where is this going?

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No Future Prospects of Being Together

The general purpose of dating is to find one’s soul mate for marriage; thus, a great deal of time and effort is spent on courtship. However, if one or both partners do not share similar views in marriage, or have conflicting plans for the future, they may not be suited for each other. Career changes, disagreements in living arrangements and family planning as well as other factors are important to consider with your boyfriend before getting engaged. You want to carefully take into account of how your partner would affect your future.


A third wheel can always be awkward to have on a date, especially if you sense that there is more than just friendship between your guy and his lady friend. Does it seem like he still has lingering feelings for his ex or vice versa? Jealousy can definitely complicate the balance of love between two people, especially if one begins to obsess over the matter. It shows that you feel threatened by what he and his female friend share; as well, it is an indication of insecurity. If it can’t be overcome, leave before it gets ugly.

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From time to time, people undergo developments in their behaviour, personality and views. Sometimes the change can be too great to handle and it’s as if you’re dating a different person whose identity you can’t recognize. Perhaps he’s changed for the worse, where you can’t stand his new habits and you two seriously can’t agree on most things unlike before. You simply can’t seem to get along and may fight a lot.

In a different case, you could be evolving in a way that makes you a proud and more mature individual, but which is contrary to what your boyfriend expects of you to be. You are a beautiful person who deserves to feel happy about who you are and if he can’t support the improved you, it may be time to let him go. Don’t let anyone hold you back from who you desire to be and never let that happiness be taken away.

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If you have not broken up with your boyfriend yet and are pondering whether you should due to one or more of these common reasons, be sure that your final decision is really what you want. There are conflicts that could be resolved after a serious discussion, which may save your relationship. But if it’s really gotten to the point where ending ties and moving on is the best conclusion, I bid you godspeed with everything.

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