How To Stop A Fight With Your Boyfriend

How To Stop A Fight With Your Boyfriend

Arguments suck, there’s no doubt about that. But what if I told you that you could stop a fight with your boyfriend by following very simple (alright, not THAT simple) steps? Don’t consider breaking it off just yet.

Here are ways to find the solution both of you were looking for:

1 – Listen More Than You Speak
Make your statements heard, but don’t be a broken record and keep repeating them. Use meaningful dialogue.

2 – Cool the Jets
Use a light and witty remark to calm down the atmosphere after a heated argument; the remark could either be related to the current situation (outside of the argument’s subject matter) or to something that occurred in the past that made both of you laugh.

3 – Break Time
Separate yourself from your boyfriend for a half hour. It takes a while to calm yourself down, but once you’re calm, you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly and without hostility.

4 – Loud and Clear Over Here
Make sure he realizes that you can hear him and understand what he is saying. And make sure he understand that his opinion means a lot to you, even if you disagree with it. After all, not being heard can be infuriating.

5 – Undivided Attention
Do all that you can to show your boyfriend that you care about what he’s saying. This means facing him head-on, shoulders and knees aimed towards him. Bad body language such as crossing your arms, tapping a foot, or rolling your eyes can seriously escalate a situation.

6 – It’s Nothing Personal
So don’t say anything to make it that way. This is difficult in the heat of an argument. Once feelings are hurt, nothing will be resolved. Since the dawn of man (and woman), it has been programmed within us to respond to danger and all terrible things. This is why bad news is – for lack of a better word- bad. So instead of telling him that he is stupid just like his drunken father, tell him how his actions are affecting you.

7 – No One Wins
Stop trying to figure it out, because if you do, the both of you will be left feeling alone, empty, and enraged; and these feelings will not help the current situation. No one wins there. Find the middle ground between the issues. Be humble and admit your mistakes; he will then likey do the same. Only then can you both reach a solution.

8 – You’re In This Together
Even as the argument goes, the two of you are still a couple and should still work toward reaching a common ground. When couples are able to exchange closeness, love, and even humour during an argument, the harsh words aren’t so strongly felt. When the fight is over, the two of you will probably find yourselves more in love. As far as jokes go, avoid the ones that hurt the ego. In this, your bond will remain strong.

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