5 Lessons You Should Never Forget For Ever Lasting Love


Whether you’re already in a relationship, or you’re looking for a long-term commitment, it’s vital to understand how you can achieve that, and how you can find ways to add value to your relationship so that it blossoms even further with time. This article will highlight 5 lessons that will help you make that a reality:

  1. Listen

There is a strong emphasis on the importance of listening when you’re in a harmonious and long-lasting love story, says Aaron, dating expert and founder of

Using empathic listening skills will just demonstrate that you are in love with the person you are speaking to, and that you care for their thoughts and opinions. Obviously this will boost your lover’s morale and confidence, and it will make him or her open up since there is little to no judgement.

Thus in some circumstances, it’s more important to sit back and listen to your loved one instead of trying to fix a situation or another. This will ultimately create a bond which is far stronger that any feelings of perfection people unrealistically strive for.

  1.     Discuss the Big things

Many underestimate this subject. You may tend to put off things, as a rule of thumb. However, it is demoralizing and sad to imagine a relationship dissipating because of this. If you’re unsure where you stand on important matters such as money, savings, children, lifestyle, then it means it’s time for a talk.
Regardless of the initial difficulty to even discuss, it will ensure that you and your partner will be on the same page on life matters. You will both be able to confidently move forward together. Otherwise, it will be exhausting trying to pretend you are peachy with everything going on, and this lie you’re telling yourself will eventually lead to fights, usually those type that are blown out of proportion and leave people crying.

  1. Keep relationships alive

By this, we mean that you should not neglect other key relationships which are important to you. For example, forming a long-standing relationship with your boyfriend’s family and friends will go a long way. First of all, it will show that you are willing to understand his past, present and future, and that you want to be part of the family dinners and meetings. Secondly, you will create an invaluable support system in spite of any potential tragedies and heartache, one that will turn into your second family.

This can be a scary step. However, the rewards outweigh the initial stress and lack of confidence you might experience.

  1.    Stop the games

In every relationship, you will find that at least one of the two people involved like acting childishly, usually as an elaborate plan to get a reaction, or to see if the other person actually cares about them. As fun and interesting as it may be trying to make someone jealous, this is not a good idea long term. In the same way, threatening your partner that you’ll leave them will send some seriously sad and unimpressive mixed messages. So stop the
games, for both your sakes.

  1.     Keep laughing

Laughter is the key to a happy life, not only a happy relationship. Being silly can create long term bonds and memories. In addition, research suggests that having a good sense of humor can also make you seem more attractive, and if that isn’t enough of a perk, laughter can be comforting when facing difficult hurdles.

People who are not on the same page find it difficult to understand each other’s jokes, and so if you’re also in tune with your lover, celebrate that. Put on some good music, dance a bit, make jokes over silly photographs, and embrace the fact that you are a strong power couple!


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