Protecting Your Property


Most girls know they should be careful when they are out and about, to never leave their handbag open as thieves will see it as an opportunity to steal their wallet, and to ask for help from the nearest person if they think they are being followed. The chances are that the stalker is either after their bag or phone. Things like this are common sense and most girls know what to do to protect themselves while they are out. Where they sometimes do not take enough care is in making their homes secure, and this is foolhardy considering it is probably where their most valuable items are kept.

Could You Handle Home Security?

Home security is often neglected by the younger generation, yet the alarm systems of today are all built on the technology they are so familiar with. Do not let yourself fall prey to home intruders, as you can always know what is happening in your home with an app on your smartphone. Surveillance cameras and sensors will monitor any intrusions and send an alert to your phone so you can check if you need to contact the police.

This same app will let you open and close curtains or blinds, turn lights on and off, and even start your TV or play music so it sounds as though someone is at home. As part of the generation that has been raised with so many advancements in technology, things like this will be very easy for you to do.

Finding the Security System for You

The market for home security is enormous, so you may be wondering how to go about finding the best security system for your needs. Each property and person is different and you will need help and advice from the professionals. Having a cheap alarm fitted by a friend’s friend might seem simpler, but experienced home intruders will know ways to bypass these do-it-yourself alarms. You do not need to spend a fortune to have a professional installation as you can pay a small monthly fee for the services a reputable company provides. Look for one that gives excellent customer service and 24-hour monitoring as part of the deal and you will have peace of mind that your property if far less likely to be burgled.

Frightening Statistics

Some of the statistics regarding home intrusions make frightening reading. Around 3.7 million break-ins happen every year in the USA, most of them in the day time. That equates to a burglary every 13 seconds, and many of them are carried out by people who know the victims. An average break-in takes no more than 10 minutes, with the master bedroom usually being the first place burglars head for. Much of this information is compiled by the FBI, who also say that homes without a security system have a 300% more chance of being broken into.

It appears that many burglars enter homes through the front door or a window that has been left unlocked and that more home intrusions happen in the summer months. They estimate that the average loss from a home burglary is $2,416, mainly consisting of things such as cash, jewelry, and guns.

Can You Afford Not to Have Home Security?

It does not take long for pieces of gold jewelry to add up to a few thousand dollars and some of it could be irreplaceable. You would never be able to replace your grandmothers’ rings, for instance, or the watch you were brought as a gift for your 18th birthday. Things that you are sentimental about may not have such a large monetary value attached to them, so don’t let your most precious items be used for a burglar to make a small profit.

Yes, it is wise to be insured, but it is also wise to have your property protected with an alarm system, too. You only have to speak to friends or acquaintances that have been burgled to realize that it is not just the goods they steal that is upsetting but the feelings of insecurity and anxiety victims are left with after this has happened to them. Some people never recover their confidence and will go on to live in fear.

Just think how you would feel if your home were to be burgled and seriously consider taking whatever steps are necessary to lower the risk of you becoming a victim of one of the most common crimes in the US.

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