Trapped in a Lifeless Relationship: Is it Worth Reigniting the Spark?

At the beginning of your relationship with your dear, you felt jittery and had wild butterflies in the pit of your stomach. A short while later, you re-examined the changed conditions of your lackluster relationship and wondered to yourself, What happened to us?

Many relationships start off strong for both partners but they tend to lose their excitement over time. Why? The more frequent partners meet each other and the longer their relationships last, the more they are used to seeing each other. Some partners become so comfortable with one another that meetings become part of their individual routines. Gradually and unconsciously, they lose motivation in investing the time and effort to further explore the intimacy in the relationship.

But some of us are reluctant to break up over the feeble excuse that the romance became humdrum. Some of us have faith that things will work out, but how do we know whether to stay or go?

How do you bring passion back into that deep connection you once had with your beloved?

Communication is important, especially between people who are intimately involved. Share your view with your sweetheart and you may even find that the feeling is mutual.

To rekindle the spark in your romance, remind both you and your loved one about the things you adore about each other. Recall how much you enjoyed getting to know more about him, how he hated to see you go but that you both always looked forward to the next date. You can reminisce memories and add on to the collection. Go on romantic and fun-filled dates, joke, laugh, do entertaining activities that help you bond and plan dazzling surprises.

One of us isn’t so sure about us anymore…how do we know when to give up?

Love is based on the heart so feelings play a part in making decisions but at this critical time, you should be realistic in order to reach a logical resolution. If your partner’s not obliging despite your efforts or vice versa, you should carefully reflect on your feelings, the relationship’s state and the likelihood of its survival.

You may be indecisive and put off taking action but consider this issue’s effect on your well-being. Are you able to sleep comfortably at night and has it also been taking a toll on your motivation to work? How much longer can you put up with feeling emotionally insecure about your relationship? It is a disturbance to your peace of mind and the longer you wait to resolve this, the greater the angst.

Do you see a future with your partner? As a rule, the present condition of your relationship is an indicator of its quality later on. Dating generally leads us to finding a soul mate and if the future doesn’t look promising with your current partner now, it probably won’t be. If you both are, however, meant to be, fate will take its natural course in bringing you both back together. Perhaps now is just the wrong time.

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