Planning a Birthday Party – on a budget!

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Celebrating a birthday can be a big event! Especially if it’s a significant one, like an 18th, 21st or 40th! But, when the responsibility falls on you to organize it, it can all feel a bit daunting. Not only is there the guest list to think about, but you also have to think about where the party will be held, what kind of food and entertainment you need to lay on – and whether the birthday boy or girl will know, or if it will be a big secret! Money can also be an issue. Here are some ways to celebrate a birthday, on a budget.

Get a list together

Don’t leave your party planning to the last minute. It’s the worst thing you can do, and it will only cause you even more stress. Try and sit down at least a couple of months before and think about exactly what kind of party you want to organize. Will it be a few family and friends around your house? Will you need to hire a venue? What kind of food will you lay on? Will there be any free drinks? Do you need to hire in a band or DJ? Write down a checklist of things you need to work through, and tick it off as you go through – so that you methodically get your planning together.

Think of the guests

Of course, a party is not a party without guests! Have a long, hard think about who you would like to invite. Are you going for small and intimate gathering or something a little larger? If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to think about how much you want to spend per head, so that you don’t over commit yourself.

Once you’ve crunched the numbers, you can agree guest numbers – and then start drawing up a guest list. And don’t forget to get the invitations out fairly sharpish, as people can get booked up well in advance! You can save a bit of money by making your own invitations, and while you’re at it, you can also make a birthday card.

Pick a venue

If money is tight, you should be looking at holding the party at home. If it’s a summer party, you could always make use of any garden or outside space you have. As long as you don’t upset the neighbors! But if you are planning to invite more people than your house can accommodate, then look at smaller local, low-key venues.

You could check out a community centre or other small facility in your town or city. You’re more likely to get a good deal there than at big name hotel, which is used to charging higher prices for corporate guests. Whatever you choose, be sure to book your party venue well in advance, to ensure you secure the date you’re after – especially if it’s the actual birthday date!

Food and entertainment

A buffet is often the easiest and most popular way of serving food at a party – particularly if you’re laying it on at home or at a local, do-it-yourself venue. You can also control the costs, in comparison to people picking from a restaurant menu. Think about how you want to decorate your venue. Would you like to put up some banners and streamers? And how about music? Are you going to play the sounds from your laptop? It’s cost effective, but you may also want to shop around for a local band – or lean on some of your talented friends and family to take to the stage!

Things may not always go according to your plans… so don’t let that get you down. Just let loose, have fun and party on!

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