Making Your Creativity Work for You


Let’s get crafty! There’s nothing more empowering than expressing yourself through art. Getting paid for that work at the same time is even better.  Here are some ideas for marketable craft ideas and places that allow you to express yourself. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make something new and generate side cash.  Do you have the skills to make it happen?

The Market for Handmade Everything

Let’s nurture our creative selves by making something by hand.  The demand for unique hand made goods rather than the mass produced disposable consumer culture appeals to our sense of sustainability. Finding and reusing scrap for bracelets, necklaces, cocktail rings and other jewelry makes each piece unique. Knowing you are making something no one else has made before is the ultimate affirmation of our individuality. One of the most well-known markets for small batch crafts is Etsy.  If you have the skills to sew and fashion clothes, the demand for bespoke items for weddings and parties is there waiting for you!  With a sewing machine and a mannequin, your styles could make the dreams of a bride to be come true.

Designing Graphics for Fashion

Do you have the creative vision but not necessarily the hand-eye coordinating ability to make it happen in the 3D world?  Sell your 2D creations on deviantART if you want to simply showcase your art and design skills with the chance of receiving a commission from a follower.  If you would still like your images to be worn, t-shirts sites like allow you to enter their competitions to design shirts and give you a cut of the proceeds.  Being selected for your creative genius is its own reward.  Even if you’re not, you can still make your creations yourself with a T Shirt Printing Press of your own.  With some practice, it’s not difficult, and the shirts to print on can be found in thrift stores.

Commission Art Directly to Patrons

With grass roots movements becoming more popular with the advent of the internet, it’s no wonder people are finding it easier to get connected to causes they care about.  These communities seek expression, and if you can empathize with them and produce quality work, you have found a market for your self-expression.  Finding these niche tribes of followers of common interest and catering to their needs directly means earning a grateful community that may be willing to subsidize your creativity.  If you are able to recognize and resonate with internet subcultures, generating content for these audiences and requesting funding through a service like Patreon means you benefit while publicizing their cause.  The more obscure interest groups may mean a smaller audience for your work, but less competing artists.  Worth the time?  That’s only for you to judge.

With the right creative mind set, awareness of the tools at your disposal, and finding a market of customers as unique as your style, you can find people willing to pay for your art.  Don’t quit your day job, but a side income is always nice.  You never know, someday your hobby might become your full-time job.

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