Key Elements of Modern Web Design



As trends change in many sectors, the same happens in technology and web design. Using innovative design ideas and incorporating brand identity into your business plan can help create an aesthetic that stands out amongst your competitors. There are many elements to consider when starting the process of web design and each has an important part to play in ensuring your brand get noticed. Practical design isn’t also just about how it looks to people; it also guarantees the backend functionality is fluid and doesn’t affect its positioning in search results. With several aspects to consider, web design can be daunting, but starting with the basics can help you build a site that customers will visit time and time again.

Take a look at some of the most common elements that need to be considered in modern web design.

Responsive design

This is one of the most significant contributors to how visitors navigate their user experience, and if they cannot use the functionality on both smartphone and desktops in the same way, they aren’t likely to return. With a large number of people using mobiles and tablets to browse and buy goods, optimizing the design to fit these parameters plus the tons of smartphone display sizes is crucial to the user journey. Nowadays it’s not enough to say that most people use iPhones so that’s all you need to accommodate. By doing so, you will be missing out on Android users, which are also a significant portion of the population. Having an optimized platform can be difficult to implement, so by enlisting the help of web design experts such as, they can assist in developing an effective user experience to tie in with your marketing efforts.


The font you use is vital for your branding and message across every area of your business. There is so much choice from informative and functional to fun and funky, so getting this suitable for your business is key to creating the right impression. Once you’ve chosen typography, this needs to be incorporated into your web design and ensuring it looks good on all devices is paramount. The design should consider browser sizes and not display awkwardly when the responsive design changes.


The images or video you use is another vital factor in web design and can hinder the load speed of your site if not appropriately considered. Images are essential for displaying a message and have a powerful impact on an audience, but if they are not optimized, they could also start to affect your visibility in search results too. Video is also a common theme on some sites and starts to automatically play in the background on home pages. This can add a lot of value to the page; it can also turn people away so making sure your target market would appreciate this can save a lot of issues in the long run.

There are heaps of design elements to consider such as navigation and page layout to name a few so ensuring all these are considered will guarantee your web design efforts help to build your business and branding.

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