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Workout Songs to Help You Power Through

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Music can boost your workout endurance by fifteen percent.

Many fitness enthusiasts swear by having an excellent playlist to help them get through their workout. Although some studies say that music has no effect on the quality of exercise, the right song can push you to workout a little bit harder or longer. In a  scientific study conducted by Brunel University’s School of Sports, it was shown that a 15 percent increase in endurance is possible if you jog with the right music pumping through your headphones. Some exercisers regard music to be distracting during a workout and feel they do not push themselves as hard. It’s all a matter of what works or does not work for you as an individual.

This list is strictly opinion. Your best choices will depend on what genre you prefer and even on your mood. So try out these suggestions next time you need a kick in the pants to get through your workout, or find some for yourself.

The Workout Line Up!

Fighter By: Christina Aguilera

Lose Yourself By: Eminem

T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) By: Will.I.Am ft. Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez

Big in Japan By: Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette

Blue By: Eiffel 65

Desperate Measures By: Marianas Trench

Bangarang By: Skrillex ft. Sirah

Everybody Talks By: Neon Trees

Dip & Fall By: Enur ft. Natalie Storm (DJ Euro Clubmix 2010)

Booty Work By: T-Pain

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Music that makes you feel as good as the people in this picture is a great addition to your workout.

The workout songs listed are guaranteed to get you off and running, but feel free to create your own playlists based on what you like. Is there a song that makes you want to start dancing no matter where you are when it comes on? That is exactly what you need when assembling songs to boost your workout performance. Whether your choice is some serious bass pumping booty shaking tracks, or more of a punk rock style with a fast fingered guitarist, the world is full of music to choose from.

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