What to do on Ladies’ Night

You’ve been quite busy lately with work, family, and other little things here and there that you’ve been meaning to do. But what about your friends? When did you gals last have a good ladies’ night? Stop everything you’re doing and give yourself time with your buddies – you deserve it and so do they. Taking the time to look up suggestions of what to do was a step in the right direction. Now that you’re planning up a kickass night out with the girls, here are a few things of what to do on ladies’ night:

Do something completely new!

If you have a coupon (or Groupon) to something you never actually tried, then grab a friend and, by God, try it! Pottery, laser-tag, paintballing, indoor skydiving, a new restaurant – the world’s your oyster. After all, the best stories come from saying “yes”.

Gaming challenge!

Pull out your gaming console of choice and challenge your girlfriends to a gaming competition. Whether you get your Wii for Just Dance, or use your Xbox and play a little Halo 3, or kick ass with the classic Dance, Dance Revolution or Singstar for Play Station, it’s bound to be a great night. This includes, but is not limited to, Rock Band and Karaoke.

Movie night!

If you’re like me, then you’ve been meaning to kick back with a friend and watch the “Back to the Future” series together. Well, wait no longer. Grab your friends, grab your favourite movie, and get it all together. Maybe have a cocktail to spice things up.

Get your game on!

Like with videogames, there’s a whole world of sports that you can play with friends. Tennis tends to be a popular game with high-competition value. Go ahead, go nuts!

Have a little drinking party!

It can be a wine-tasting party, but don’t worry about getting any expensive brands. If the group is not into wine, then there’s a whole world of alcoholic beverages to be explored! Literally, grab some cheaper imported brands from different countries and have yourselves a new experience.

Junk it up!

You will need ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, brownies – the whole deal. That’s right, you gals are doing an all-out pig-out! Mix stuff together, get creative. You know it’s gonna be great.


There aren’t many activities as sweetly reminiscent as the ol’ high school sleepover. Order pizza, rent all the shows you guys used to watch, and don’t forget the pillow fight!

Junk it up (version II)!

Round up the friend you’ve got, take them to the favourite restaurant or the usual place, and let loose. Order everything you wouldn’t dare to order if you were on a date. No one’s judging you.

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