Don’t Sabotage Sleep: 5 Effects of Not Getting Enough

Sleeping properly and getting enough sleep is essential for your overall body health. Sabotaging sleep will mess with your whole body from head to toe. Unfortunately, many people continue to lose their sleep and a large population does not get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep at night.

Lack of one hour in your sleep can lead to health problems, including insomnia. Many problems will lead you not to get enough sleep. It might be your mattress. You might need a comfortable twin XL mattress to get those hours of sleep you need. Also, exercising during the wrong time can be a factor in poor sleep. 

Here are the effects of sabotaging sleep:

It Affects Your Brain Performance

Sleep is essential to the health of your brain. Lack of enough sleep affects your brain performance. Therefore poor sleep affects your memory, cognition, brain processing, and learning. When you get enough sleep, it helps the brain memory to consolidate and learn. If you lack sleep for one night, it will impact your brain. Fortunately, the effects are for the short term, and if you continue to get enough sleep, your brain’s executive functions return to normal.

You might have experienced it. When you don’t get enough sleep, you will feel drunk and the brain will behave as if you’re drunk. In fact, studies have reported that a lack of sleep in 24 hours is equivalent to 0.1 percent of alcohol.

Poor Athletic Performance

In this, you can agree that lack of sleep makes you feel exhausted and could lead to a bunch of side effects such as a bad mood, non-existing sex drive, or poor workout performance.

Studies have not found big correlations between lack of sleep one night and poor athletic performance the next day. However, in the long term, there are effects. It is therefore recommended to get ample rest.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your reflexive time continues to decrease on how you sabotage sleep. It is therefore an essential factor in better competitive performance. So, to ensure you improve your performance, get enough sleep.

It Skyrockets Your Appetite

When you don’t sleep the whole night, in the morning, what you’re likely to reach for is food, and mostly greasy French fries or snacks. It is common for people who also sleep less than the recommended hours.

Sleep deviation changes appetite because ghrelin, a hormone that senses hunger will increase in level. The worst is that leptin, a hormone that signals your brain that you’re full will drop without solid rest. That is a major problem because your brain is receiving two signals; hunger and not full. You will end up eating too much food.

It Affects Your Heart

When you’re asleep, it is the best moment for your body to rest. That is the time your heart rate and blood pressure will drop as the body continues to repair itself for the next day.

When you lose quality hours of good sleep, it can lead to cardiovascular health problems and especially with blood pressure. It happens because the body will increase in the production of cortisol, a stress hormone.

Besides, in the heart, inflamed blood vessels will experience plague build-up with time. And therefore, it increases the risk of experiencing a stroke or heart attack. It also makes the heart work harder, producing adrenaline. At high doses, it will be taxing to your heart.

It Slows Down Metabolism

Increased appetite is not the only thing that slows your metabolism contributing to weight gain, lost sleep also does it. In the long term, your body will have changed its metabolism; therefore, it will not intake food in a similar way it used to. That will result in creating insulin resistance. The body will tend to store more food from what you eat and not process it normally.

You will experience more health problems. Insulin resistance can put your body into a pre-diabetic state and that is a dangerous spot in your health life. It is important you learn how to get good sleep to improve your health and career.

If you didn’t know before, now it is clear that when you don’t get enough sleep, it leads to a high mortality rate. And that increases within less than seven hours that you get for normal sleep. Besides, sleeping more than the recommended hours is also not healthy for you. So, what’s right for you? Get a good mattress, sleep comfortably at night, and experience the healthy life you want.

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