Phrases That Shouldn’t Phase You

For as long as I can remember I was told to “chew with my mouth closed”, “sit up straight” and to “stop eating copious amount of chicken nuggets.” I was told to be a polite young person, to remember to say “please and thank you.” I was encouraged to conduct myself in a way that other people (my peers, friends and teachers) would respect. I was raised to be a “productive” person, and to take whatever criticism should come my way. Although I cannot argue that I have been molded, for the better and also for the not-so-great, by those around me…I am now a grown-up (AKA I pay taxes and have to match my socks) and have come to see that there are some phrases that truly should not phase you or shape you in any way.

  1. “You are too young for that”: In 1930, 16-year-old Iowan gymnast George Nissen invented the trampoline. Beyoncé was only 16 when she joined Destiny`s Child. Mark Zuckerberg was a millionaire by the age of 23, after his invention of FaceBook. Age is not an excuse to not do your best. Never let anyone tell you that you are too young to work hard, to earn and to achieve.
  2. “I don’t like you”: I pity the people that cannot see how amazing you are. I really feel bad for those who are too blind to see that your awkward jokes are hilarious and that your loud laugh is comforting and that your smile is the bomb-dot-com. Anyone who can’t appreciate you for everything that you are, is disposable. Never EVER allow anyone to make you question your worth.
  3. “That is impossible”: One Hundred years ago going to the moon, having a computer or cell phone, or women being allowed to vote seemed impossible. If we do not constantly question the realm of what is actually possible… we will never grow and learn. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work for it, and you deserve to surround yourself with people who will support you and all of your ambition.
  4. “You can’t wear that with your body type”: This is a formal shout out to all of the ladies with a little junk in their trunk, all of the fellas with a slim or thick build, or for every girl with a fast metabolism that is shamed for being thin. If you want to wear a crop top and show off your tummy…DO IT! If you want to wear loose clothing because that’s how you are most comfortable…DO THAT! If you want to change the way to dress or look because someone else has reflected their insecurities on to you… DO NOT DO THAT! The only secret to looking good, is feeling good. Wear whatever you feel like and do not take no for an answer…you’re a babe.
  5. “That will take too long”: Newsflash… time is going to pass whether you make the most out of every second or not.


Hopefully this brief list will help you to realize that your choices are nobody else’s business. I encourage you to #takenocrap2014!

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  • Cathy
    November 4, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    this article… on point