Owning And Operating A Bed And Breakfast Inn


Owning and operating a bed and breakfast can be a rewarding job. You probably will not get rich in the sense of a wealth of money, but your life will be enriched by the knowledge and friendships you build with your guests. Travelers from around the world are likely to be your residents for a day or more, offering you the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of cultures and customs. Simple small opportunities with your guests provide precious moments of interaction, learning, and experiences shared by your visitors. Often considered romantic getaways, you can help facilitate healthy relationship opportunities.

Bed And Breakfast Tasks

Running a bed and breakfast is definitely hard work, unlike most hoteliers. You become a small business owner, accountant, cashier, promoter, hospitality, laundry, housekeeper and cook. Quite a few jobs that when performed efficiently are easily and quickly completed leaving you plenty of free time to pursue other interests. Advertising campaigns are essential to drawing customers. There are many services specifically dedicated to promoting B&B websites. They can target the customers from regions you desire most, sending them to your website. Putting a video portfolio on your website allows potential future guests to not only see your property and amenities offered, but may include interesting places of interest nearby.

An example is a bed and breakfast operated by a couple in Mountain View about 10 miles from Hilo and a short drive from Volcano on the Big Island of Hawai’i. This location offers an exotic destination with many points of interest. With the master suite for the owner/operators, the B&B offers two 2-bedrooms and three 1-bedrooms with beds from full to queen for guests. Reservations are made online or by phone, with immediate confirmation emails and follow up one week and 3 days before arrival, with complete check-in instructions and what to expect. Guests are provided a security code for late entry or in the event no one is available at the time of arrival.

The innkeepers’ day starts at 6:00 AM with the preparation of breakfast which is offered from 7 AM – 9 AM daily with a variety of breakfast food choices to fit many culinary desires from traditional, vegan, gluten-free or other needs. This is the greatest time to interact with guests before they began their busy schedule of sightseeing for the day. Housekeeping chores were next. In the evenings they provided coffee and tea with cookies in the guest living area.

Location Can Be King

The Professional Association of Innkeepers International can assist you with starting or operating your inn. Once only considered for romantic getaways, a B&B attracts many assorted travel groups today. A bed and breakfast inn can be located practically anywhere. The trick to making your B&B popular is to highlight the opportunities and point of interest to your establishment. Determine the audience you wish to reach for your inn. Are you primarily geared for the convenience of business travelers? Then you want to be located near airports or transportation hubs with easy access to business areas. If you are primarily targeting tourists, you want to be near points of interest or entertainment and market these attributes. If your goal is to draw those seeking a romantic setting, you want a location that exudes a romantic atmosphere like the country, near wooded areas, vineyards, parks or gardens.

Statistics Of Operating A Bed And Breakfast

Here are a few statistics you may want to know:

  • There are over 17,000 inns in the United States running at an occupancy rate of about 50%.
  • The average size of a B&B is 5700 square feet.
  • 94% offer private baths, 93% offer internet access, and 79% of owner/operators live on the property.
  • These properties may be found in urban areas, the suburbs, rural locations and are popular in villages and coastal areas.
  • Most offer easy access, hot and cold beverages, snacks, magazines, books, board games, newspapers, televisions and even refrigerator access in room or in common areas.

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