How to Recover From a Bitchy Moment

We’ve all experienced it: the moment that little cutesy girl is rounding up the attention of all the guys (though you really don’t think that there’s much to her) or that slacker at work is getting positive recognition, even though she doesn’t work nearly as much as you (who is hardly getting any recognition at all). Now, this could be what’s going on or this could be a somewhat over-exaggerated distortion brought about by frustration (you must consider the latter as a possibility).

So you’ve said something that you’re starting to regret. You have just fallen victim to the “Bitch Moment”. You’re not a bad person; you just couldn’t help snapping at this person. Fear not, you can still make things right! This is how to recover from a bitchy moment:

1 – Recognize the Mistake

This is an important first step because there are a lot of people who don’t see what they did as being wrong. This person will refuse to apologize and feelings will start to fester. It will become this whole thing that you really want to avoid (probably no saying how long it will last), so it’s better to say the apology.

2 – Apologize

AKA “Your Time to Shine”. When you apologize, be honest with the person you’re speaking to as well as being honest with yourself. Example: “I’m really sorry I called you a whore, it came from a really, really bad place and I didn’t mean it.” Acknowledge that you know you were being mean or unreasonable: “It wasn’t fair of me to say it and I’m really sorry I did.” Furthermore, compliment them with a statement opposing your cruel remark: “You’re really nice and you’re totally NOT a whore”. The cherry on top: “I hope you can forgive me.” Remember, humility is the best policy in an apology.

3 – The Aftermath

They may forgive you and then everything will be more or less peachy after that but you will also have to respect that she/he just might not accept the apology. This doesn’t mean the two of you are enemies or that you should stop trying (though don’t badger this person with constant apologies). There will come a time when you will have to move on and learn from this mistake.

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