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Ins & Outs of Green Tea Extract: What Are You Waiting For?

For centuries, the Chinese and Indians have been using green tea for its incredible health benefits. It contains a slew of enzymes, amino acids, flavonoids, and antioxidants that are beneficial for obtaining and maintaining good health. But not everyone has time, energy, or will to drink 3-5 glasses a day so green tea extract has become more common practice.

Extracts come in liquid form as well as pills or capsules and are usually combined with other products to enhance their abilities. The potency of the extract is based on the process and the amount of green tea catechins (GTC) in the extract.

So how is green tea extract beneficial for you? Let us count the ways.

It Kills Cancer Cells

You read right. Studies have shown that those who consume green tea are less likely to develop cancer. And the super ingredient, polyphenols, have been shown to actually kill cancer cells in patients. Positive effects have been found in those with stomach, breast, bladder, prostate, skin, and lung cancers, among others.

Scientists haven’t quite pinned the exact reason as to how it curbs cancer, but studies have been very promising.

Shed Those Extra Pounds

All of those catechins have been found to be a pivotal ingredient in weight loss supplements. Green tea has been found to promote thermogenesis, a fancy word for fat burning. Products like Healthy Trim Green Tea Extract list it as a main ingredient and it’s easy to see why. Green tea not only increases your metabolism, but it improves energy. So you have more energy to get up and go.

Studies have also shown that it helps you keep the weight off.

Keep Your Blood Flowing

Cardiovascular health and low cholesterol may seem like old-folk concerns, but the more in tune you are now, the better off you are later. Green tea has been found to lower blood pressure and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. If that’s not enough, it’s been proven to reduce LDL cholesterol and improve HDL cholesterol.

Your Skin Will Glow

There’s been a rush to natural skincare products and green tea extract is no different. The antioxidants have a protective and reparative effect. Green tea extract has even been found to protect against UV rays. It also helps prevent inflammation and has been found to slow the effects of aging process. In addition, it’s been found to have purifying anti-microbial benefits to remove dirt and bacteria from skin. Studies have found it to be beneficial as a topical treatment so consumption of extract would ideally intensify the benefits.

You Won’t Forget

Green tea extract has been found to improve brain function and increase memory. It has even been found to help block the formation of plaque on the brain, often linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. Some large studies also found a reduction in the incidence of strokes and reduced the mortality of strokes. But if you’re looking for something with more here-and-now benefits, the theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, has proven to be an effective stress reducer.

That’s not even everything. Osteoporosis, diabetes, and even certain warts have shown improvement with the consumption of green tea extract. The possibilities seem endless and more studies are being conducted regularly. Looks like the ancient Asian cultures had it right all along.

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