What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

Have you ever heard of a personal injury case? Millions of people every year are hurt and have their lives turned upside down in accidents that weren’t their fault. These accidents and injuries can seem inconvenient at first, but if you delve a little deeper you’ll see that accidents and injuries can have a severe impact on people’s lives. And if those victims weren’t at fault, the sense of injustice is overwhelming.

This is usually when victims consider reaching out to personal injury lawyers. But what kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle? Let’s find out, below.

Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents are incredibly common, with thousands recorded every year. Often the most devastating are those involving trucks – if you’ve been in a truck-related accident speak with these truck accident lawyers with offices in Long Island as soon as possible. With injuries often life-changing, it can be difficult for victims of road accidents to get their lives back on track. A loss of earnings, rising medical bills, damage to their mental wellbeing – when victims are faced with all these issues and more and the accident could have been avoided, then it makes sense to speak with a lawyer.

Medical malpractice

Imagine going to your doctor for help and treatment only to find that your doctor has misdiagnosed you or has inadvertently made your health worse? This is known as medical malpractice and there many different scenarios where this could occur. Errors during surgery, defective medical equipment or apparatus like hip replacements and pacemakers, incorrect medication doses, delayed diagnosis and of course, mishandled births and birth injuries. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer after experiencing something as devastating as medical malpractice can lead victims to gain back control of their lives.

Dog bites

Most people like dogs, but an aggressive dog is no one’s best friend! Being bitten by a dog leaves you susceptible to dangerous infections, tissue damage, scarring and psychological trauma. A dog bite means medical treatments and time off work to recover, making it a common personal injury case.

Wrongful death

A death in the family is always devastating and shocking, but when that death occurs unexpectedly and as the result of a terrible accident, it leaves more than just a gaping hole where that loved one once was. If the accident happened at work, in a car accident or in some other violent way it’s common for loved ones to file a wrongful death lawsuit against those they deem responsible.

Defective products

When you bring a product into your home, you don’t expect to become injured or even lose your life because of it! Defective product lawsuits are common, and they usually relate to defective safety products in vehicles, children’s toys, mechanical issues with household items and other products that are prone to melting or fire, causing cuts and lacerations, choking hazards, incorrectly installed electrical circuits or poorly manufactured parts.

If you believe you’ve been injured and it could have been avoided, reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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