What Your Nails Say About Your Love Life


Whether you may think so or not, your appearance can say a lot about what is going on in your life, and your nails are no exception. Their shape, color, design and overall condition can clue others in on what’s happening with your life, especially your love life. I bet you are looking at your nails right now, wondering what I mean by this. Well, here is a closer look at what your nails may being saying about your relationship status:

1.  Nail Art

Intricate nail art tells the story of a free spirit who has a creative imagination and embraces change. You’re an adventurous soul, who isn’t afraid of taking risks or meeting new people. You are most likely dating, but finding a boyfriend isn’t at the top of your list. Whether you’re rocking a patterned nail wrap from Dashing Diva or a unique design, your nails express your fun-loving personality and ever-changing style.

2.  Bare-Naked Nails

They call you “au naturale” because you don’t have the time, nor do you care to have your nails any other way. You appreciate a simple, natural look and don’t care to dabble with different nail styles. As for your relationship status, you are most likely not looking for a significant other in your life at the moment. You are focusing on yourself and your nails are your last priority.

3.  Solid Gel Nails

You like your nails how you like your men…reliable! Gel nails may be a little more expensive, but it appears that you are willing to invest a little more time and money into something that is going to last longer than a week. Even if you just got into a new relationship, chances are you are in it for the long haul!

4.  French Manicure

A French manicure is one of the most classic and traditional nail styles in the book. A French manicure shows that you are classy, conservative and content with your relationship status. You are most likely married or in a mature relationship, and are able balance your needs and your relationship with complete ease. You are what other women aspire to have one day!

5.  Bitten Nails

Do you often find yourself biting your nails when you are stressed out or feeling anxious? For some women, biting your nails may be a bad habit that you have yet to break, but for others biting your nails can be triggered by a certain situation. If you have half bitten or stubby nail beds, chances are that you just got out of a relationship and are recently single. Going through a breakup typically leads to some extra, unnecessary stress, causing you to lash out on your nail beds. It’s time to focus your attention on yourself (and your nails) rather than that ex-boyfriend of yours!

6.  Matte Nails

Matte finish is the latest trend within the beauty world. If you are bold enough to rep matte nails, you must be a confident and daring woman who is ready for something new. You have a certain edge about you that knows exactly what she is looking for in a relationship and you aren’t willing to settle! You are single and ready to mingle and you aren’t going to let anything in your past get in your way.

Whether your nails are glammed up with nail art or bitten down to the nail bed, your nails send signals to your peers about who you are and what is going on in your life. So, what’s it going to be, ladies? Are you going to let a breakup or a past relationship define you? It’s time to be bold and give yourself (and your nails) that extra attention they may need, regardless of your relationship status!

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