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How To Become More Approachable

When it comes to matters of seduction and love, girls are usually the more passive of the genders as they usually wait for guys to approach them. While this can be a good thing for girls, there are times when it can actually turn into a hindrance. Maybe guys just aren’t approaching you or maybe guys are approaching you, but not the ones that you want. In this article, I will briefly run down how you can make it easier for yourselves.


Smiling is probably one of the most important things as it communicates to another person that you aren’t hostile towards him . Most of the time, the reason that guys don’t come up and approach is that they are scared that the girl will embarrass them in front of everyone in the room (eg. slap them or pour a drink in their face). Mainstream media certainly doesn’t help when it comes to this ( see the Johnny Bravo video below). Smiling is one of the best ways to let someone know that you are friendly and won’t bite their head off if they come talk to you. Also, you will feel better about yourself. Try it!

Open Body Language

Body language is key when looking to get a guy to come and talk to you. This is where you should make sure you put most of your attention. Crossing your arms is a no-no and so is closed off body language. You can to make sure you are communicating that you are open to meeting new people so lean back if you’re sitting and maintain a relaxed posture. Relax your shoulders and make sure your back is straight. If you have to, buy a book on body language and do some exercises on it to improve on it in social situations.


If you are out and are looking to meet someone it is probably best to not huddle around in groups of more than 3 including yourself. The reason is that approaching a group of more than 3 people is intimidating and most guys just aren’t going to do that. If you do go out with a whole bunch of friends and don’t end up getting approached then this may be a part of the problem.

Just a few short tips on how to make it easier for guys to approach you. Please check back for more advice.

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