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The Male Perspective: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Coming up with what to do on Valentine’s Day can be extremely stressful.  There is typically a heightened level of expectation to show your loved one how you much care and in many cases what you plan is being compared to what others do and by what you’ve done in the past.  Thus, if you’re to have a happy Valentine’s Day both you and your partner need to simply focus on picking an idea that will make you happy and ignore everything else.  The key with any Valentine Day date is that you spend romantic time together so with that in mind here are a couple of ideas and techniques you can try.

One of the first things you and your partner should do is sit down to see if either of you have a romantic idea that you would like to try for this Valentine’s Day.  There seems to be a tendency not to talk too much about what you’re doing and instead there seems to be an expectation that you or your partner will surprise the other.  That approach can work sometimes, but often it’s problematic and leads to repetition after a couple of years.  So try to pool your efforts to come up with a creative idea that you’ll both like.

The next thing you should consider is doing a new activity on Valentine’s Day.  The key is the activity should be something that the two of you do together and that’s fun.  It could be something as simple as going skating, or swing dancing or downhill skiing.  The important thing is it’s something that you do together and will remember fondly as ‘your thing’.

A fun activity for Valentine’s Day can be going to the theatre to see a play, musical, opera, orchestra, or ballet.  These are all activities that most people only do sparingly and being they’re fun and entertaining they’re a great choice for a Valentine’s Day date.  Just make sure to buy your tickets in advance so you’ll have good seats that’ll be situated together.  Also, try to pick something romantic, heartwarming, or funny to go see.  That way you’ll both be in an uplifting and positive mood after seeing it.

Getting away for Valentine’s Day to a little ski cottage, an adventure somewhere, or someplace warmer for a couple of days is always a great choice.  However, this requires planning in advance and making sure both of you have the necessary time booked off to make it work.  As much as it’s wonderful to surprise your partner if Valentine’s Day falls during a workday it may be too difficult for him to get away.  Also, you may have to save up money to afford this so again long term planning is recommended.

For a more personal Valentine’s Day date a great idea can be something like recreating your first date or another memorable occasion from your romantic past together.  The greater you’re able to recreate that past date the more it will generate the romantic memories to make this particular Valentine’s Day special.

An economical idea for Valentine’s Day is for the two of you to cook a romantic meal together at home.  All too often couples don’t really cook a meal together, but rather one or the other will make the meal.  However, cooking together can be a very intimate and memorable experience that causes a lot of laughter and romance.

There are usually various companies that put on special events for Valentine’s Day so check your local paper for some ideas.  It could be a night at a comedy club, a wine tasting, going for a ride in a horse drawn carriage or sleigh, going up to a maple sugar shack, a winter carnival, a day at the spa together, or taking a balloon ride.  There are all sorts of creative and fun activities; you just have to see what’s out there.

Typically every couple has a special restaurant or two that they go to once or twice a year and Valentine’s Day can be a great occasion for doing so. Valentine’s Day is also a great occasion to try a new restaurant.  One thing you’ll have to keep in mind though is that Valentine’s Day is usually a very busy day so make sure to make a reservation in advance for whatever restaurant you want to go to.

If you and your partner have been together a while, but are unmarried it is very possible he could be thinking of proposing to you on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is one of the days during a year that many men will target for asking for their girlfriend’s hand in matrimony.  Signs that he might be considering doing just that are that he’s asked you on a couple of occasions if you’ve made plans and he’s asked you not to make any, he won’t tell you exactly what he has planned and seems to be downplaying it, he seems a bit self-conscious and nervous, and it seems like there is something he talked about with your friends and family that they are keeping secret from you.  If you’ve earlier on talked about the idea of getting married seriously than the likelihood of this scenario is a little higher.

Another thing you may want to consider is if you and your partner have children together.  If you truly want to spend a romantic evening alone together you may want to book a babysitter to watch the kids.  It’s important that the two of you make time to spend together especially on Valentine’s Day.  Due to how busy Valentine’s Day is it’s probably best you book a babysitter well in advance.

To make a Valentine’s Day date special doesn’t require tons of money, but rather creativity and ensuring that whatever it is you do it’s something together.  So have fun and enjoy the day!

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