Living A Sustainable Lifestyle

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It’s no secret that it’s important that every individual takes care of the planet on which they live. It means that everyone has a part to play in reducing their carbon footprint and making the world a more eco-friendly place. There is only one Earth, and people must take care of it. You may think to yourself, how? What can I possibly do? Living a sustainable lifestyle is not impossible, but it will help the planet. First, you can start with a sustainable diet. Eat a vast variety of delicious fruits and vegetables, start a veg patch in your backyard, recycle, and purchase organic food and so on. Even the clothes you wear will have an impact on the environment, right next to the amount of energy you use on a daily basis.


You don’t need to lead a vegan lifestyle to eat sustainable food. However, you can reduce your intake of dairy and meat products on a daily basis. If eating healthy for the environment is not enough of a push to do it, remember that this affects your body as well. For a truly sustainable and nutritional diet, plant your own vegetable and fruit patch in your own backyard. When purchasing food, go for sustainable sources such as organic seafood. Native Sun Natural Foods Market believes that knowing where your food is coming from is equally as important as the taste, and that is why their food is harvested using ethical and sustainable methods. This is food free of GMOs, artificial preservatives, antibiotics and so on. Your body will thank you for this later.

On another side of the sustainable diet, recycle. Have separate bins within your home for paper, plastic, and food waste. Reuse glass jars you purchase and reduce the amount of plastic based products you purchase. Remember, this plastic winds up in the Earth’s oceans and polluting your sources of water and land. Being mindful of this is the first step towards the sustainable lifestyle.


Looking your best and helping the environment is not a dichotomy. In fact, there are certain companies who keep sustainability in mind as they create their fashion pieces. For example, SoulFace Apparel makes their clothes from recycled plastic, so that plastic doesn’t end up polluting our oceans. However, another way of living a sustainable life is by thrifting. Thrifting is a great way to find some unique pieces to add to your wardrobe at a fraction of the price of designer clothes.


Energy can be easily conserved with your day-to-day activities.  It’s as easy as turning off lights and appliances when you are no longer using them. If you leave the room, turn off the lights behind you. It’s as easy as it sounds and makes the world of a difference. There are even energy efficient appliances you can purchase and use around your home. If you have a vegetable garden you want to light up at night, why not use solar powered lights?

Living a sustainable lifestyle isn’t difficult to maintain and makes a huge difference to the planet. It takes minimal effort to have two garbage bins in your home or even turn off the lights after you’ve left the room, while food and clothes may take a little longer to adjust to, remember all of the benefits of doing so! Not even for merely the environment, but for you as well. The first step towards a better environment starts with you caring.

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