Learn How to Stay Healthy During This Christmas with These 10 Awesome Tips

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What is coming closer and closer are this year’s Christmas holidays, and we bet that most of our readers out there are excited to enjoy a well-prepared holiday dinner and a family gathering soon! Oh, yes the Christmas decorations and childhood memories coming back as we sit by the table and wait for the moment when those delicious mashed potatoes with turkey and gravy come to the table as we share our thoughts with our close family. That is a Christmas that we are all waiting for! And we would not like anything to stand in the way of enjoying this year’s Christmas holidays, right? That is where our 10 awesome tips for staying healthy during this year’s holidays come in handy! Let’s see how you can enjoy the holidays and stay healthy and happy as well instead of risking anything happening to you or your family!

The 10 awesome tips for staying healthy that you must try this Christmas!

  1. Do not sit down all day – Get involved as much as you can in the preparations of the Christmas dinner and encourage the whole family to take part as well, no matter if it is yours or a friend’s Christmas dinner that we are talking about. And not only that – make sure that you do not spend the rest of the day sitting down on the table or the sofa. Instead of, organize a fun walk or activity that the whole family can enjoy in. We would recommend riding your bikes, playing a bit of football or give your old Frisbee a turn or two! This will especially help your body to digest all of that delicious food that you have eaten! We do not have to remind you of all of the risks that inactivity brings, do we?
  2. Do not miss out on breakfast – Breakfast is always important, but it gets a whole new meaning during the Christmas holidays. Eating a well-balanced breakfast at the start of the day will help you prevent overeating and feeling uncontrollably hungry for the rest of the day and keep on track with your healthy diet plan.
  3. Watch your alcohol intake – During the holidays it is easy to forget how much you have drunk. So this year we would like to encourage you to watch your alcohol intake as you remember all of the risks that alcohol intake brings into your life. Limit yourself to a glass of wine or two during dinner and let the water do its magic for the rest of the day. When you are surrounded by family and friends you do not have to drink to have fun, do you?
  4. Protect yourself against colds – Colds are common during the cold, winter days. To enjoy in this years Christmas holidays, make sure that you have a strong immune system that will protect you against any common colds and viruses by eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting enough sleep!
  5. Count your calories – It is easy to overstep the limit of recommended daily calorie intake during the holidays. But what your huge calorie intake will bring is not only the weight gain that you have been afraid of, it is also the risk of lethargy and indigestion go the rest of the day. Prevent all that by eating a normal-sized portion and take a 20-minute break to see if you are still feeling hungry or not before you proceed with filling your plate once again.
  6. Eat your fruits – Do not skip on eating your daily recommended portion of fruits throughout the day just because it is the holidays season. Intake all the vitamins and minerals that the seasonal fruits have to offer you to keep your health and best diet plan in an ultimate condition.
  7. Stock your freezer with healthy food options – The Christmas season rarely leaves enough time to be spent on preparing homemade lunch and dinner options as all the preparations for that one, long waited night take place. So go ahead and prepare some delicious, healthy homemade dishes that you can keep frozen in the freezer and warm up anytime when you feel as if you are left with no time to cook.
  8. Watch how much gravy and sauces you pour – Sure, gravy is awesome, but it is not the most healthy idea to cover your meal with gravy or other sauces until it is unrecognizable. Stay light on the use of gravy and other sauces and let yourself feel the real taste of your delicious homemade food this Christmas!
  9. Keep busy with fun activities – Organize the time so that you would stay at the table only for the duration of the meal. Then make sure that you have enough fun games and activities prepared that the whole family can enjoy it instead of staying at the table for hours and snacking on more food.
  10. Keep away from stress – Stress is the cause of so many health issues, so it is for the best to remember that stressing over one day in the year is not worth it. It is easy to feel as stress takes place in your life as you do all the cleaning, cooking and preparing for this year’s Christmas holidays. So make sure that you have a bit of help for all the preparations and minimalize the stress as much as you can.

Make sure that you are spending this year’s Christmas holidays while you stay healthy and happy at the same time with these 10 awesome tips here to help you. Just remember – drink water, eat your fruits and stay far away from overeating and sitting down! Instead of joining your friends and family in the fun activities and games that you can all enjoy it and keep away from stress and inactivity! Staying healthy is not so difficult if you know what you should and should not do with the right pointers, is it not?


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Margaux Diaz is a health, beauty and fitness adviser. Her inspiring content helps people to know more about her niche. Apart from all these qualities, she loves to face changes in life and believes in the power of self-motivation and social development. She is an Advisor at Consumer Health Digest.

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  • Emma
    December 18, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    I love this! Every year I always count Christmas as a “cheat meal”…and the rest of December too. I want to stick to being healthy this year and I will definitely use these tips! I also love that you included tips to avoid getting a cold. My niece was sick last year and got everyone else sick too, which was awful. This year, we’ve cleaned our house from top to bottom because our little one was sick last week and we don’t want to pass it on to any of our guests. All around great post to stay healthy!