How To Cure A Broken Heart Fast

Break-ups are not fun. No one said they would be easy, and you believed that. But you never realized just how hard they can be sometimes, until the cruellest of it all happens to you. Here are a few suggestions to keep your head held high and maybe put a bounce to your step:

1 – Set Everything Straight
Give all of your ex’s belongings back to him, so that there is no reason to contact him.

2 – Know Your Weakness
When is it that you want to contact him and why? Write these reasons down and be conscious of them.

3 – Distract Yourself
When one of your weaknesses faces you, make a list of things you can do instead of contacting your ex (being with a friend, walking the dog, taking a shower, etc.).

4 – Remember Why You’re Doing This
Write down and remember your biggest reasons for not contacting your ex. Use post-it notes and stick them on every communication device you own.

5 – No Stalking
Stay away from any of his social media pages. Delete them, if you must.

6 – Location, Location
Remember the places the two of you went to all of the time and don’t visit
them as much.

7 – Keep Your Distance From Your Phone
Keep it away from you to reduce temptation, give it to someone else when you’re most vulnerable (i.e. drinking).

8 – Take Time For Yourself
To get your mind off of him, do anything that makes you happy.

9 – Look At The Bright Side
If one looks hard enough, they will discover that there’s a bright side to every situation.Think of it this way: you’re single! You can take this time to reflect on yourself. Why waste it thinking about him?

10 – Understanding
Know why you are upset. Perhaps understanding your reasons will give you more perspective on the situation.

11 – No Finger-Pointing
It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, what matters is how you will take care of yourself now.

12 – Understand Why Hearts Break
There’s a deep exchange of trust, of love, and of energy, and an equal exchange of these creates a stable relationship. An unbalanced relationship (where such feelings only come from one person) causes insecurity. Perhaps one of you two had to shift attention to another priority in life. You won’t get the same love that you’re giving, and it’s hurting. Now you need to take focus of other aspects of your life such as your dreams for the future, friends, family.

13 – It’s Not the Same
What you once felt isn’t the same. Perhaps you aren’t sure. Express yourself through poetry, painting, singing, dancing, or whatever.

14 – Move Along
When you feel that you’re ready, move on in life so that you can meet someone new.

15 – Remember to Smile
Gather your friends and have a laugh, blow the dust off of your favourite comedy. Laughter is the best medicine.

16 – Give Yourself Time
Rome was not built-in a day, so don’t be frustrated if you still feel bad after months or years. Everyone heals at their own pace.

17 – Get Rid of the Memories
Replace the pictures of your ex around your house with pictures of yourself. No, it’s not foolish. Your focus should be on yourself, not on him. Forget about him. He can take care of himself.

18 – Be Honest With Yourself
Because lying to yourself isn’t helping, don’t make you your own worst enemy.

19 – Read a Book
You might not read, but a book steals you away from reality better than a movie or television show. If you read it before bed, it’ll be the last thing you think about before sleeping.

20 – Get Out There
Talk to your friends, it will help a great deal. Also, when you feel ready, start dating people again.

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