Happy Monday! How To Make The Most Out of This Dreadful Day

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

The weekend is over, and whether you are still trying to piece together the events of your Saturday night or you had a full 2 days of relaxation and abundance, it’s time to get back into another week. You are the one that defines how your time will be spent this week. You can trudge head-long and down-trodden into your Monday, relying on caffeine and sheer will to get you through until Wednesday, when the next weekend comes back into your sight. Or, you can embrace the joyous moments that come to you throughout your day, every day.

It’s a sad truth that most of us do not enjoy every moment at our workplace, or in our daily lives, but there is happiness to be had in every experience. Whatever you find yourself doing today, try to embrace the moments that make you smile. They are there. Whether it be as simple as a co-worker asking you how your weekend was and actually being interested, or an email or text from a friend that is thinking of you. Take a moment to feel special, breathe in the good energy that moment provides and try to channel it into whatever tasks you are working on.

If you find yourself running low on those “happy” moments, then make a conscientious effort to provide them to others. Whether you believe in the concept of “karma” or not, making someone else feel good, even for a moment, will brighten your own spirits. Selfless acts can make us feel more fulfilled and cumulatively can work to brighten the mood of the people around you.

How to Deal With Monday Night Venting

When my boyfriend complains of a stressful day, I enjoy being able to give him my attention and to listen and let him take me through his day. It makes me feel important that he wants to share his feelings with me, even the negative ones. This applies to venting lovers, friends and family; they want to share their life experiences with you and it is important to support the people who you love.

Listen, don’t judge, and then try to change the energy of the conversation to something positive. I often follow-up with a serious inquiry of “What was the best thing that happened to you today?” Ask yourself this question, and ask it of the people around you. It is a great moment of insight when one gets the chance to review their day in a positive light, seeking out the moments that they may have overlooked. It can also give you some direction when you are trying to cheer someone up.

Torilynn’s Monday Mantra

Mondays have just as much potential as a Saturday to be filled with glorious moments, it’s your own perception that dictates how your day will make you feel. Embrace your day, embrace your moments, and love your life.

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