Communicate Effectively to Understand, Respect, Trust & Love Deeper

Feelings and relationships are always unpredictable, especially when they concern romance. Everyone regards their relationships with friends and lovers from different angles. We can attempt to apprehend how others feel about us by observing their non-verbal behaviours, which is their body language. However, we can never know for sure what the other person thinks and feels unless he vocally articulates his view. The best relationships involve mutual love, respect, loyalty, trust, as well as communication.

People can easily misinterpret situations because they don’t have all the pieces of background information put together. Without properly explaining confusing events to your partner, misunderstandings can occur.

Consider Girl A walking down a street and suddenly seeing her boyfriend at the end, reaching out to Girl B affectionately. Girl A had never met or heard of her boyfriend describe Girl B so she was left to ponder the meaning behind their relationship. Could Girl B be a family member, a colleague, a close friend, a distant friend he was excited to catch up with, an ex or perhaps another lover? Girl A has the right to ask about their relation so that she can resolve her confusion and either overcome her emotional insecurity about his feelings for her or reassess hers for him.

Doubt should always be addressed so that there is clarity and reassurance on the mind. Over time, couples may become less affectionate with each other and question their partners’ feelings. Physical intimacy is one aspect of developing warmth and closeness between lovers but communication goes the long way of sustaining the well-fortified emotional bridge. Verbally voicing your feelings with your partner on a regular basis is a healthy way to express the mutual love you share. This practice helps maintain the positive energy in your relationship. Not only does this bond your partner and you closer, but it also builds on the trust you have for one another.

You may think that sharing your thoughts, information regarding your background, interests and stories may make you vulnerable but if you are with the right partner who’s empathetic and supportive, you will come off sounding like a sweet and genuine person.

It is also best that you don’t hide things that involve or have even the slightly impact on your partner. Don’t use the excuse that it’s for his protection. The truth may later reveal itself. If he finds out, it will make it harder for him to believe you again.

Example 1: Your boyfriend caught you in a lie and after promising it would never happen again, he forgives you. A short while later, an old lie from the distant past resurfaces and now he feels betrayed because he expected you to hold onto your promise. If you argue that it was a lie made before the promise, expect him to be even more upset.

The most basic expectation of a romantic relationship is honesty from both parties. If he suspects or knows that you weren’t true to him during those times that you had lied, how does he know you didn’t lie other times before?

Example 2: Your parents don’t approve of your boyfriend and had discreetly asked him to leave for your good. He leaves, either without a word or by telling a lie to cover the truth. How would you feel? Confused? Abandoned? Betrayed? If you had known, you probably would’ve felt outraged that he didn’t consult with you about the matter. Your reaction might have been that you both should have worked out the conflict together instead of having him hide and carry the heavy burden himself.

It is best to work out these conflicts with your partner. If he treasures you and vice versa, it means you both respect each other’s input; both have the right to know what’s happening in the relationship. You guys can make it out of difficult times if you carefully discuss and put the solutions to action.

To make the best of your relationship, regularly converse and communicate your emotions and thoughts with your partner. This helps you understand the conditions of your relationship over time and figure out what areas need improvement. The understanding you have for one other can help keep you both emotionally intimate, in love and happy for a long time.

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