How To Avoid Disappointment In Online Dating

Thanks to the digital age, online dating has expanded the horizons of the dating world. You meet new types of people you may have never crossed paths with before.

On Plenty of Fish, men send the first message 755 of the time, so craft your profile in a way to give a guy something to break the ice off of with. The main issue love seekers come across during online dating is becoming frustrated when they can’t find the “one.” Make your profile accurate to speed up the processes by filtering out those who message you based on a misconception.

The first thing many women think when they receive a new message from a guy is, “Is this guy creepy?” You will go check out all their pictures to try to decide for yourself, but the truth is, chemistry isn’t found online, through the exchange of instant message, or through looking at pictures of the other, it’s found in person.

If you get to know someone too well over email or SMS, you may design this image of them in your head. You fixate yourself on the little clues to try to figure him out. You do this because you have less information to choose from. You then end up creating an entire persona for him that is most likely not accurate.

Wasting time is a common complaint of those in the online dating world, many wish that they were more selective in those that they chose and that they put more of  an effort towards getting to know them. Since the image you may receive from messaging may be totally skewed, it is best to follow this advice. Avoid designing your image of the new prospective through messaging entirely.

Messaging takes time out of your day, and it may become frustrating. He hasn’t replied to you for an hour, now you are thinking he isn’t interested anymore!  You may get the impression he is playing you hot and cold, but maybe he is really just at the gym or out for dinner. Messaging can leave you confused. It may be fun once in a while, but it is better to invest your time in having a video conversation, a phone call, or meeting for coffee. These options are more intimate, safe, and fun.

What is a better way to get to know if there is that spark with a guy than having your first kiss? It’s a mystery as to how many frogs you have to kiss before you find the prince, that’s why meeting in person is a more efficient and speedy way to find your prince charming. If you direct your time and energy towards messaging the frogs, instead of kissing them, your chances of finding your prince are significantly lowered.

Don’t forget to pack your favourite gum in your purse just in case!

It will stop you from becoming discouraged and allow you to keep surfing online to find that Mr. Right!

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