First Gift Tips For Those First Months In A New Relationship

There is always that tension during the first few weeks of dating someone new. There is a sense of discovery and great feelings; and there’s a sense of knowing that is an amazing time in a young couple’s life. Now you want to show this boy how you’re starting to feel. Nothing too forward, but nothing lame, either. Here are first gift tips for your guy:

1 – Why Not Something Sweet?
Show off your baking skills with some homemade cookies! Or maybe you wanna take it up a notch with cupcakes. Either or, share that sweet tooth of yours with him. After all, everyone likes cookies.

2 – Why Not Something Personal?
I’m not saying to give him your grandfather’s watch, the one he smuggled out of Nazi Germany, I’m thinking more of a showcase of talent. If you can draw, draw him something meaningful. If you can knit, make him a hat or scarf. Either way, it’s nice, thoughtful, and comes right from the heart.

3 – Why Not Something Shared?
If you both are jukebox junkies, give him a copy of your favourite album. If the two of you are into movies, shows, books or comics, you can give him a similar gift. No matter what you choose to give him,however,  be sure to tell him why it’s your favourite. Your gift choice will reveal some of your personal preferences, and he may like it just as much as you do-if not more.

4 – Why Not Something Different?
Maybe he had always wanted to go paintballing with you but you weren’t interested in this activity. Well, why not try it out for once? If you’re strongly against it, maybe give him tickets or a gift card to something he can go to with his friends for a “Guys Night Out” (and you can have a movie night with your girls). Speaking of gift cards…

5 – Why Not Something He Wants?
Know his favourite store? Favourite restaurant? Get him a gift card and let him pick out exactly what he wants. This gift may not be romantic, but it’s definitely thoughtful.

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