9 Effective Ways to Prevent Sinus Infection



If your sinuses get irritated, they are likely to get infected. Factors like staying in a dirty environment and smoking can trigger such infections. The only way you can keep healthy is by reducing your risk of getting sinusitis. Some of the ways you can prevent a sinus infection safely and effectively include those highlighted next.


Consuming fresh food is one of the many ways you can avoid getting sinusitis. A healthy diet is made up of 80% fresh, raw foods and extra vegetables. To prevent oxidation in the body, consider eating more fruits and vegetables as they are full of vitamins. Your diet should also have healthy fats, including omega 3 fatty acids that are useful to your body. These help in minimizing swellings and inflammations that could be present.

While you continue eating healthy foods, limit everything that has harmful ingredients, including artificial colors, flavors, GMOs, and trans fats. Also, avoid allergens as they can lead to chronic sinusitis and ear and respiratory infections. Do not forget to add foods with low fat such as meats and grains as they constitute a healthy diet. Limit your alcohol intake as it can puff your nasal lining with edema, leading to sinusitis.

Stay Healthy

This is another great way of preventing a sinus infection. Avoid contracting viral illnesses that lead to irritation. This means keeping your distance from sick people as they can spread harmful viruses. Also, always wash your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with anything dirty. This will shield you from any harmful virus, including a sinus infection. A great way of preventing sinusitis is by using an antitoxin.

Stay Hydrated

You need to keep your mucous membrane moist at all times. Whenever they become dry, it is easy for harmful bacteria to get in. So, you should keep your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Consider drinking at least 8 cups of the liquid each day, although you can have more than this amount as per your ability, activity levels, and environmental conditions. During the winter season, there is a decrease in humidity, and this causes the sinus membranes to dry up. To raise the humidity levels during this period, consider using bowls of cold or hot water.

Boost Your Immunity

A good immune system will reduce your risk of a sinus infection. To get an immune system that works optimally, eat healthy foods. Also, always get adequate sleep to keep your body in a good, rested condition. In case you find it hard to sleep well, take a warm bath or consult a physician. An adult is advised to sleep for at least 8 hours every night.

Reducing your stress levels is another great way to improve your immune system. Low-stress levels go hand in hand with better sleep, which will eventually translate to a good immune system. So, avoid all stress triggers to boost your immunity.

Taking probiotics also help in balancing the body’s important and harmful bacteria. A healthy gut will protect you from infections by boosting your immune system.

Avoid Anything That Irritates Your Sinuses

There are many chemicals that can irritate your sinus membranes, including chlorine fumes in swimming pools. This is a common irritant that people get into contact with whenever they go swimming. To avoid this, plug your nose to prevent the chlorinated water from getting in.

Also, try to stay away from smoky places when camping. In case this proves to be impossible, stay in less smoky areas whenever you are in such settings. Exercise caution when using any over-the-counter nasal sprays as these products contain some harmful chemicals that can be irritating if used for long.

Keep Your Allergies in Check

Allergies are risk factors that may lead to sinus infections. An allergic reaction to irritants like pollen can leave you with a stuffy, runny nose. This activates the nasal pathways to trap viruses or bacteria, which increase your risk of sinusitis. Therefore, in case you have allergies or hay fever, stay away from the triggers or keep them in check using medications. However, do not overuse antihistamines as they dry up the mucous membrane.

Keep Away from Dry and Cold Air

Avoid keeping your nose in front of an air conditioner that produces dry, cold air while sleeping. The ideal temperature is 27 degrees. Also, avoid changing the temperature suddenly if you want to keep away from a sinus infection. This is because it can hurt the mucosa of your nose. Keep your body warm especially the neck, nose, and chest when the temperatures go down or if it rains.

Clean Your Nose Regularly

This is an effective way of preventing a sinus infection. Use a cleaning solution to wash your nose after you go out. A saline solution is ideal for doing this. It should be from 0.9 to 3% also. You can easily prepare a saline solution at home using a pinch of salt, warm water, and baking soda.

This solution comes with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that are very effective when it comes to keeping your nose from an infection. The best part is that the solution is natural and, therefore, safe for your nasal mucosa.

Avoid Picking Your Nose Regularly

This behavior is harmful as it can irritate the nasal mucosa and even damage it by breaking the blood vessels found in your nose. In the long-run, this will have a negative effect on your nose, and in extreme cases, it can lead to an infection. Therefore, a good way to avoid a sinus infection is avoiding picking your nose.

The above practices will help you stay away from a sinus infection. If you already have some symptoms like sneezing and congestion, treat them immediately to avoid getting a sinus infection. Are you suffering from a sinus infection? Why not pay the Hudson Valley Sinus Center a visit. Dr. Rubinstein, the founder, is an expert in sinus and nasal disorders. With many years of experience, this doctor will sort out all your sinus issues within the shortest time possible. His center was the first to introduce balloon sinuplasty in Newburgh area.

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