Are You Ready For A New Relationship?

Although you may have just found the perfect guy, it’s still difficult for anyone to start a new relationship if you have just come out of a bad one. Many may feel as though they have lost hope and may find themselves stuck feeling like the last boyfriend was the one. If you are left confused and disoriented after bad break up, then you most likely aren’t ready for a new relationship until you’re able to discover yourself.

Get to know what you like/dislike, what your goals are and what makes you feel great about YOU.

This is the most important step.

Until you are happy with yourself, you won’t be happy with anyone else.

It is understandable to have fears. Whether is be afraid of losing your independence, fear of not being good enough or fear of heartbreak, it is perfectly natural. It is important to realize that you have these fears and that they are only fears. Having this realization will enable yourself to move past the fears. If you never take the leap you may never discover what makes you truly happy.

You may not realize that what may be holding you back are those fears. That’s why it is vital to take sometime to yourself to see what it is that is holding you back from having a great new relationship.

It is important that you don’t jump into a new relationship because of the fears you may have, it will cause a great deal of strain and may lead to heartbreak. It is also important to not jump into anything to quickly as a result of fear as this may also lead to difficulties in your relationship. Make sure you want it for all the right reasons and not because you feel vulnerable or lonely. Fear can act as a prison.

In preparation for your up and coming new relationship, you should:

  • Discover your fears
  • Trap them by finding their causes
  • Conquer them by working towards a solution


To be happy with another you must be happy with yourself. Don’t lose yourself in your fear.

Having you personal life order is an important step in the maintenance  of a new healthy, stable and loving relationship.

It will leave you with the ability to have an open mind and heart and allow you to concentrate on learning about your partner, rather than learning about yourself and your partner simultaneously. The danger of learning about yourself and about your partner at the same time is that it may cause doubt and confusion, this is very dangerous in a relationship.

Take your time to get over your past relationship and to find yourself because in the end you will be happy you did. The results will be a long and happy new relationship.

Take every chance, drop every fear, give into love or live in fear.

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