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The Art of Packing For A Big Move

There is no two ways about it, packing for a move is not a lot of fun, but there is an art to it.  Figuring out the best way to make the experience as painless as possible can take some time.  Nevertheless, there is probably no avoiding the experience of having to pack up your things for a move as just about everybody switches where they live several times in their lifetime.

The first and most important thing you need to find out is what day and time you’re planning to move.  Whether you’re doing it yourself on the last day of your lease, or you have movers coming to pick up your things, you need to know what that date is so you know how long you have to pack.

Ideally, the more time you have to pack, the better;  it will allow you to ensure that all of your things are packed safely and organized in a way so that you can find what you need later on.  However, sometimes a move is being done under less than perfect circumstances, so if you have a short period of time to pack, it’s best to know that so you can change you packing approach and make sure everything is ready for the deadline date.

Next, you need to know whether your things are going straight to your new living domicile or if it’s going into storage.  It does make a difference in terms of how you pack things.  If it’s going straight to your new home, while it’s smart to pack your things securely, you don’t have to seal them to the same degree since they’ll be unpacked almost immediately.

Yet, if it’s going into storage your approach will have to be radically different.  In a storage locker, space will be at a premium so the more you can dissemble things like lamps and furniture and pack them into boxes or tubs, the better.  Just make sure you remember how to put them back together again.  Also, if your storage locker isn’t the biggest, you may want to use tubs made out of a stronger plastic for since they’ll likely be stacked quite high on top of one another.

Also, the less space you’ll have in the storage locker the more you going to have to make decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of.  Before any move, it’s generally recommended that when going through your things you assess whether or not it’s time to get rid of something.  You may find that you have some shelves that are particularly rickety, so now might be the right time to get rid of them and replace them with something else once you’re in your new home.

Additionally, when packing you need to make sure not to pack everything right away because you may need some of it prior to your move.  The usual recommendation when moving is to pack your kitchen first because it has the most odds and ends which will take the most time.  However, until the day of your move you will need to be able to prepare food at home, else you’ll need to go out for something as simple as a cup of tea.  So figure out what the bare minimum equipment you need in order to prepare your food and pack the rest.  One great trick is to go out and get some paper plates and plastic cutlery and then pack your regular ones.  You’ll even be able to put your paper plates and plastic cutlery into the recycling bins if you want.

Label every box and tub with a description of what is in each one that way you’ll know where everything is.  Often, this is a step neglected during the packing process, but it is one you’ll pay for later on when you’re trying to find where everything is.  By doing so, it will also allow you to place each tub or box in the correct area of your new home and then unpack everything in a more efficient fashion.

For any of your breakables you’ll need to purchase the correct packing materials such as tissue paper, bubble wrap, popcorn, and tape to provide as much protection as possible.  When packing such items, take your time and go slowly.  For smaller breakable items a good tip is to buy some cheap plastic Tupperware and pack them into the tiny plastic containers and then pack those into the larger plastic tubs.  The plastic containers will afford your breakable item additional protection.

For items like a television or a blu-ray player, it’s a really good idea if you’ve held onto the original box that they came with.  The reason why is often for an item like a television, the custom fitted foam within the box is probably your best chance of it being transported without it breaking.

Lastly, you will likely feel some emotion as you go through the process of packing.  Some of that may come from it finally hitting you that you’ll be leaving where you’ve been living these last couple of years or it might be a bit of depression if your things are going into storage.  These feelings are perfectly normal and will pass once your move has been completed.

So keep at it diligently and soon the packing will be complete!

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