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Get The Look of Marnie from Girls!

Marnie, played by Allison Williams, from Girls has her life figured out, at twenty-three she lives downtown with her best friend, Hannah, has a long term boyfriend, Charlie and a grown up job at an art gallery. Throughout the first two seasons, Marnie’s life takes a downward spiral: her living situation shattered, romantic status non-existent and her duties at the art gallery – unnecessary. For someone as structured and responsible as Marnie, this is horrifying.

Marnie’s style is just as structured as her personality. Working at the art gallery was perfect for her tailored taste, sporting blazers, pencil skirts and blouses. Marnie’s colour palette stays in within the darker colours and neutrals – lots of beige – but this girl knows how to stand out. The rich pinks and blues are perfect for her pale skin and dark hair and the colour blocking is sensational.


The infamous pink dress is perfect for a night out. The bright colour will make you stand out and the shape will show off your curves. Pairing it with understated accessories will keep it more casual and perfect for work, but adding heels and a cute clutch will take this straight into night.

marnie 2

To seduce her old flame, Marnie decided to go all beige. While she did look cute, this look doesn’t scream seduction. This look is better for day, the look is understated but still stylish.

Marnie 3

This last look is much more whimsical while still being structured. The short suit is perfect for the warm weather and adding a little sparkle to the blouse will keep it interesting.

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