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What’s Trending? Tangerine Tango

Bright, pretty, pastel colors are not just for summer anymore.  They are making a trend move into our fall fashion.  As the weather cools and autumn approaches, let’s fall into our next color trend.  Not replacing our classic orange, but complimenting it, is the lighter hue of tangerine.  It was a big color this summer and lucky for us it’s going to also be a part of our fall 2012 wardrobe!

Adding color into your wardrobe is a fashion must this fall.  Start simple, like with a cute tee.  Look for small details that set your shirt apart from others with vibrant colors such as tangerine, pockets and sleeve details.  It always adds a lot of extra eye appeal.  Once you have that color that’s all the rave now we style it!  We are all about denim for fall, and loving that denim skirts will be on the radar this season so let’s wear one! That easy we have created what is bound to be a masterful outfit!   Grab a cute bootie or a flirtatious flat and some fun jewelry and you are styled.  This outfit is so perfect for almost any outing! I love to take classic pieces and give them a trendy twist with great colors!


Darling denim, what would we do without our favorite pair of jeans?  Colored denim, where would we be without this cool trend?  Tangerine, how do we make this color tango?  Think no more! The tangerine skinny jeans are on color and style trend.  I did a color block effect with the deep pink 3/4 sleeve tee.  I used the neutral shoe with the splashes of color and the bonus strap style to take the outfit to the next level.  Then added a printed scarf and coordinating clutch to perfectly polish this look.  It’s perfect by day, by evening and by night! You will be the center of attention and feel like the center of the universe!

You know I can’t leave you without a darling dress.  Tangerine is the color,  and a wardrobe staple is this wrap dress! A wrap dress compliments every figure, the amazing tangerine color, is an instant show stopper, making this an essential!  We love fall dresses!!  The key to dress shopping is fabulous colors and prints with flattering silhouettes.  Instead of using your go to black to complete the outfit, I went with a dark blue.  I used the printed shoe and the oversized clutch to make it a statement outfit verse a safe outfit.  You see how easy it is to incorporate the color trend tangerine into your life? One daring dress as your statement piece, always have shoe style and the colored clutch to give it that tango we all secretly love!

Dont let trends set your style, use them to be a trendsetter!

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