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Get The Look of Bonnie and Clyde’s Clyde Barrow!

Clyde Barrow, portrayed in the film by the handsome Warren Beatty, is the other half of the outlaw duo Bonnie and Clyde. In the film Barrow is portrayed as overtly manly and impotent – using violence and gunplay to show off his manhood.

In real life, Clyde Barrow came from a large, poor family. He and his brother both committed many crimes and in 1930, Barrow killed his first person (while in prison). It was said that prison changed him, and his further criminal career was focused on getting back at the texas prison system.

Barrow preferred to rob small, rural banks and grocery stores but robbed bigger banks with the Barrow Gang. During his life he was present at and killed around nine police men and seven civilians. The gang also robbed about twelve banks in their two year run.

Clyde’s style is sophisticated. He wears a three piece suit throughout the entire film. With the menswear trend on the rise, Clyde’s look is easy to get while being chic.

Clyde Barrow looks classy and sophisticated throughout the entire film, wearing a three piece suit to rob banks. To recreate this look, a bowed blouse with tuxedo pants and a pop of colour in the shoe is perfect. Suits are right on trend for women, and trying it in a new fresh colour or pattern will definitely help you stand out.
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