Is She Worthy of Your Attention?

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Is she merely a damsel in distress? Or is she a con artist looking to take you for everything you have, both in terms of emotion and in finance? There’s one way to find out. Read through the following “types” to get a feel for dealing with the issues to hand.

She has the habit of treating you like her therapist

When she’s sad, she gets in touch with you. She shares her secrets with you. She regularly mentions that you’d make a super boyfriend. However, if you decide to make a move, she’ll tell you she wants to avoid wrecking the friendship.

Scenario fixable? Maybe. Try to be supportive and relate to her emotions. Tell her that you are confident in her abilities. And that’s all. Change the subject.


She has no female friends that are close

This is not good. She utilizes her sexuality as a way to make friends. Other ladies see little value in her. She’ll say that all other women only feel threatened by her, and she simply does not get along with any of them.

Scenario fixable? Not a chance! So don’t stick around – run for the hills.


She digs for gold

It’s likely no more superficial for women to be turned on by a man’s wallet than for men to be turned on by the sight of a woman’s chest. If, however, this is the only thing she’s turned on by, this is known as the quintessential gold digger.

Scenario fixable? Possibly not. Avoid taking the girl to expensive joints and then wait to see if she’s still sticking around. Either way, your problem will be solved.


She’s one of those helpless princesses

She’s incapable of solving any of her own problems, and every time she meets up with you, you have to provide her with clear directions. Whenever she has a problem, which is all the time, she doesn’t want advice. She’d much prefer to hand the problem over to you.

Scenario fixable? Not a chance. This is merely a symptom. The key problem here is that she’s needy, selfish, and lazy. Stay well away.


She’s a terrific text buddy

Every day she chats with you incessantly via text messages. Whenever you’re busy, she always says she’s missing you. But when you suggest you get together, she goes quiet.

Scenario fixable? Possibly, yes. If you know how to go about it, you could win her affections in more ways than via texts. If you can’t, then try the silent treatment for a few weeks and see how she handles it.


She’s insanely jealous

She searches through your phone and your e-mail regularly and that’s without your permission. She quizzes you about where you’ve been and who you’ve been with. She frequently makes negative remarks over your female friends.

Scenario fixable? Perhaps, given that she may not know any better. If she’s truly insecure, she’ll very likely never change. Time will tell.


You’re her Ken

Whenever there’s an event that she wants to be seen at, she’s available to you. However, even then, when other guys arrive on the scene, she spends more time talking to them.

Scenario fixable? She can be your wing-woman if there are other ladies at these particular events. If otherwise, decline her invites and make a suggestion to do something else instead.


She’s a cheater

If she’s cheated before, it’s more than likely she’ll do the same to you. You can try your hardest but you’re not going to change anything.

Scenario fixable? No. You may take a chance on her and imagine that she’s a changed woman since she’s with you. Occasionally you’d be right about that, or is it merely your ego speaking?  How often would you be right? Maybe one time out of ten, if you’re lucky.


She persistently brings you down

She’s never happy with you. If she’s not able to complain about something else in her life, she’ll turn her attentions on you and you’ll be left wondering what it is that you did wrong.

Scenario fixable? She may be truly depressed. In which case, you should encourage her to reach out for professional treatment. But if not, then no, scenario non-fixable. You can do without the negativity in your life. Move on.


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