Tips for planning a high-cost event

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Whether you have a big girls’ vacation in the works, or maybe even a surprise birthday party to keep secret, high-cost events can be stressful to manage. Mismanaging pricey occasions can inevitably lead to disappointment, and when the budget is bigger, it can feel like the stakes are also exceptionally high. However, you do not have to be a professional party-planner or an expert in account-management to successfully execute a high-cost event. Here are some top tips to use as a guide for keeping the stress to a minimum.

Create a plan

Planning your event is the first plan of action when you’re working with a big budget. This will help you know where to put your money, and to provide rough estimates to keep you on track. Your plan should involve plenty of research, too. For example, if you’re planning on getting flights out to a remote destination then you will need to head to comparison websites to find accurate estimates of the top and bottom prices you can expect. Researching ensures that no costs will come as a shock later down the line.

Compare discounts

Discounts could score you some serious benefits, leaving you with extra cash to play around with. However, it is important that any coupons or discount sites you use are reputable and will actually benefit your event. If you want to check if the discounts are as good as they say they are, then a percentage off calculator could help you compare all the deals on offer to you.


It might not be possible to do the whole event by yourself, which is something you should acknowledge early on if you feel overwhelmed. If this is an event for a friend, and it was devised by multiple people, then it is only fair that they chip in. Delegating certain responsibilities will help shift the weight off your shoulders a little bit. If giving responsibility to other people frightens you a little bit, then hold regular meetings with everyone involved. This helps you to keep tabs on everybody and double-check that everyone is upholding their responsibilities. You are well within your rights to take roles away and move them if some people aren’t keeping up their end of the bargain.

Who’s actually attending?

Understanding and knowing who will be attending your event is important for two reasons:

  • Quantity
  • Taste and tone

Firstly, when it comes to quantity, it’s good to get confirmation on who can go well in advance. This helps you to book features such as catering and activities early on to avoid disappointment. Once you know the number of people who will be in attendance, you can tailor your budget appropriately so you don’t accidentally over or under-spend.

When it comes to the taste and tone of the event, it is helpful for you to know what type of person is coming. For example, an all-out kitsch hen do might be appropriate if only friends are coming, but if older family members are attending then the tone will need to be adjusted. When formal event planners are curating their big day, they like to assess the ‘average person’ who will be attending. This means they tailor everything happening that day to the average guest’s tastes and interests. Doing this at your function will help you to create an all-round people-pleaser.

Leave room to enjoy

If you are planning this event for a friend, do not forget to leave room for yourself to enjoy the day too. A considerate and grateful friend will not only thank you for planning such an important event, but they will also ensure that you have time to enjoy the day just as much. You should absolutely enjoy the fruits of your labors, and take time to appreciate how all your hard work has accumulated. You may even wish to exploit some planner’s rights when it comes to the day, or week that you’ve planned, this could be perhaps getting the best bedroom at the accommodation or even a free round of drinks.

Expensive events can take a toll on blood pressure. With so much pressure to get it right, you can start to feel overwhelmed by the task in hand. However, it is important that when your hard work finally starts to pay off, you have time to enjoy it. Be sure to look out for discounts along the way and to source help when you need it.

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