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The Five Secret Touches That Lock Down His Love

The Five Secret Touches That Lock Down His Love! Use these secret moves to lock down your man’s love and make him fall for you even harder!

According to a new scientific study from research that took place in Sweden, talk is cheap!

The key to a super happy relationship is TOUCH! Touch can express several feelings and emotions that words cannot. A physical caress activates the emotional area in the brain of the person being stroked!

This is big news ladies!

Paul Dobransky, MD, relationship experts and the author of ‘The Secret psychology Of How We Fall In Love’ said:

“Handing you boyfriend or husband in strategic ways will make him feel even closer to you!”

Read on for the secret moves that will enhance your relationship!

1. When your guy is telling you a story…

Reach towards him with you palm facing up.

This is known as a half gesture, it prompts him to put the effort in to reach out and grab yours. And is very effective in these types of situations! This will let him know that you find what he is saying to be interesting and you are giving him all of your attention. It will subconsciously make your guy feel closer to you by making him feel physically synced with you. Touching hands is one of the most basic ways of conveying that you care.  The open palm, facing up conveys the message that you are open to what he is saying. It will make him feel like he can share anything with you.

2. When your guy is stressed…

Rub his earlobe in between your thumb and index finger.

This move is often used by massage therapists to their clients! Because of the amount of nerves in your guy’s ear, when stimulated, it sends signals to his brain to relax. The study found the most positive response the stroke was a slow stroke to his ear, not fast. Try adding a romantic whisper while caressing his ear, your breath will enhance the feelings!

3. To let him know how much you love him…

Run your fingers through his luscious locks. 

Ever watch those documentaries with the cute monkeys cleaning each other’s fur? It is called a preening gesture in the animal kingdom, and it used to show affection. Us humans have the same primitive instincts. When you run your fingers through your guy’s hair he automatically will interpret it as the nonverbal equivalent of I Love You. This is the most important secret touch that you could use, it is hard for men to communicate through words when it comes to love. Use this on him and he may use it back!

4. To calm him when he is raged…

Give him a gentle squeeze to the area between his shoulder and neck.

When your guy is angry he has adrenaline pumping through his body, and the muscle in that area will tense up. By touching this area it will help to keep him calm and from becoming even more enraged. This contact with him will also show him you have his back in any situation. If the reason he is angry is because of you, try coming from behind and doing the move, avoiding stepping into his personal face-to-face space.

5. To boost his ego…

Place your hand on his sexy chest.

What is the best way to keep things spicy in your relationship? Play up his masculinity! Guys love to be reminded that they are men and we are women, he loves to feel like he can protect you. This will help maintain your sexual chemistry, which is crucial to a healthy relationship. Placing your hand in that area will send dopamine to his brain, which boosts excitement and make him feel more passionate towards you!

Follow these five simple guidelines to enhance your relationship and make him feel more for you then ever before!

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