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The Male Perspective: Summer Fashion

Figuring out what to wear during the summertime would seem to be a relatively simple thing, but in some ways it’s more complicated than the rest of the year.  This is due in large part to how truly different the factors that we have to account for during the summer are.  For example, in the wintertime much of the clothing we wear is chosen on the basis of what will keep us warm even if in some cases it doesn’t look the best.  Obviously, there will be an effort made to pick something that looks good, but if it results in a person being cold it’ll likely be abandoned until the weather warms up in the early spring.

However, during the summertime many of our fashion choices are based on what we feel looks good on us rather than whether or not it’s very functional.  The problem is failing to put any priority on how functional what we wear is may not be the best approach.  With that in mind here are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing what to wear during the summer.


During the summertime there usually isn’t too much consideration given to what fabrics our clothes are made out of and that may be a huge error.  The reason why is that some fabrics breathe better than others, and during the summer months when the weather can get hot and sticky, if what you’ve chosen to wear is made out of the wrong fabric you may find yourself needlessly suffering.  So it’s highly recommended to check the label to see what each article of clothing is made out of so you’ll have a better idea how comfortable you’ll be as the weather heats up.

On the opposite side of the coin you don’t want to necessarily pick clothing with fabric that’s too thin because when you sweat it may end up showing a little more than you want it to.  It can be a bit of a balancing act, but with a bit of effort you’ll find a happy medium.

Colors and Skin Tone

It seems as if many of the fashion lessons about picking clothing, accessories, and makeup that works with one’s particular skin tone goes out the window in the summer; but just because the weather has heated up doesn’t mean those things don’t still apply.

What the summer brings is the opportunity to get a suntan, which will usually either make your skin more brown or bronze, which will in turn alter the available colors you can marry to your skin tone.  So if during the rest of the year you find your skin is somewhat pale, which forces you to wear more cold tones, you may find that a suntan will enable you to be able to wear warm tones; due to your skin being more brown or bronzed.

However, the same principles still apply, which is several colors will noticeably look off on you due to your skin tone.  There are very few people who can wear every color and have it look good on them even if it’s the summertime, so take some time to see what colors will work best for you.

White and Off-White Clothing

A particular favorite during the summer months for many people is clothing that is either white or off-white.  While your skin tone might enable you to wear it well, one of the central issues is that you need the fabric of a white or off-white clothing to usually be a bit thicker otherwise it’ll almost seem as if it’s transparent.  White and off-white pants, shorts, and skirts are notorious for being see-through.

This may not be apparent when you first put it on, but try pulling the clothing tight on you to see how much it might show and get a friend’s opinion.  Unless you’re an exhibitionist the last thing you want is to show the world everything you have on underneath your clothes.

The Umbrella

If you live in a climate where it gets pretty humid during the summertime, the ultimate accessory for you may be the umbrella.  In regions that are hot and humid showers, and thunderstorms, can suddenly appear soaking everybody.  So if this describes where you live picking up at least a small umbrella is probably a good idea.  Many companies make umbrellas that are quite small and compact and can be carried in most purses and knapsacks.


Common choices for the summer months are sandals and other footwear that doesn’t require the use of socks.  However, many sandals don’t have adequate arch support and don’t provide you with the option for slipping in an arch support pad.  Consequently, while they may look great you may find yourself walking with a great deal of pain after only a short while.  Also, often a great amount of the summer footwear is made out of rough materials that can cause blisters and other sores if you walk in them for too long a distance.  So keep this in mind, shop around and pay that little bit extra so you don’t hurt your feet.


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