How To Stop Obsessing Over Your Ex

There is nothing more unhealthy than to continue to be in love with someone who broke your heart. However, we as girls absolutely love to continue hurting ourselves in this particular way for some odd reason.

I actually spent two years completely still obsessed with my exes, and after finally overcoming the past and delusion I realized how much time I had wasted on thinking about someone who didn’t matter, instead of focusing on myself.

However, I do understand that not all relationships end terribly. Some can remain civil or even friends (or so I’ve heard). This article is for those girls that have dated the douchebags that may or may not have ruined their lives. Here is my guide on how to get over them as quickly as possible and get back to having fun:

1) Delete him off Facebook:

Now, some may see this tactic as either too extreme or even immature, but it all depends on the severity of your situation. If you ended on good terms and can mentally handle seeing other girls write on his wall saying “I had so much fun last night! We definitely need to get together again soon!” then by all means, keep him. But, if like me, you are slightly crazy then delete him immediately! This also mitigates any current knowledge you’ll have of him which you may use to your advantage. For example, seeing what events he’s attending and “coincidentally” showing up. Don’t do that. I’ve been there and it never ends well.

2) Delete his number:

Pretty self-explanatory. By deleting his number you no longer have to worry about drunk texting him on those nights that you’ll be using to forget about him in the first place. Minimizing contact is the name of the game here.

3) Get rid of everything that reminds you of him:

We don’t want to linger on the past, so if you must – delete songs, hide photos, give back (or even set on fire) sweaters and shirts, everything! It’s an amazing cleanse once you’ve done it.

4) Hit the town:

I know not every girl likes to drink, but every girl does like to have fun. So whether your idea of a fun night out involves the movies, paintballing, or (my personal favourite) bar-hopping, get together with your besties and have fun! There is no better cure for a break-up than spending time with the girls that know you best: put your faith with them and let them take care of you in your time of need. You’ll never get over that asshole if you’re staying in by yourself watching the Notebook and stuffing your face in Godiva chocolates.

5) Flirt:

Instead of moping around, go out and meet some new guys! Even if you’re not quite ready to date any of them yet, flirting is the best way to get your self-esteem back up (who doesn’t love a guy who showers you with attention?) and it’s just generally fun. Your friends should be more than happy to have their single you back, so you can count on them to have some boys lined up for you to meet. Even better: if your ex still has you on Facebook, you can bet it’ll piss him off to see that you’ve moved on. Nothing says revenge better than showing that you don’t care about him anymore.

So ladies, if your next relationship should come to an end, don’t spend hours looking through his newly tagged photos and wondering who “that girl in the pink shirt standing next to him” is. Move on and have fun with being the newly single you!


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