Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Happiness


If you are feeling a bit down and sluggish, this can put you on a downer for the rest of the day. If something is on your mind, you’re stressed, or you just aren’t having a good day, there are ways to uplift your mood and your spirits. Here are five simple ways of boosting your happiness, because sometimes, the simple things are the best.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Of course, when doing so, ensure that this isn’t a love song about your ex. Listening to your favorite upbeat music has been proven to boost your mood and your happiness. Choosing something with a faster tempo can give you positive energy and is a great distraction if you are overthinking.

Cuddle Your Furry Friend

Pets are a great mood booster and no matter how you feel, they will always make you feel better. If you do not have your own pet, go visit a friend and take their dog for a walk, another great way to feel happier. If you are struggling with your wellbeing, getting a pet, especially a dog, could do wonders for your mood. If pets aren’t your thing, grab your favorite teddy and give them a squeeze.


Daily life can be stressful and with some many technological distractions, it can be hard to live in the moment. Meditation is a fantastic way to get out of this mindset and focus on the now. Even if you have never meditated before, it is very simple and there are many great apps out there to help. Calm is one of the most popular meditation apps and is great if you are struggling to sleep. Making time to relax and go over the day is incredibly important to feel as though a weight has lifted.

Doing Your Nails

Painting your nails, or having them done for you is a great distraction that can easily make you feel better about yourself. Pampering yourself in any way can make you feel more confident and better in your appearance, and there is certainly something nice about having your nails complimented. You could even learn how to give you and your friends gorgeous acrylics at your next girls night with a Professional Acrylic Nail Drill.

Do Something Different

If you wake up, complete the same routine each morning, go to work, visit the same coffee shop every day, come home and watch TV, you will go onto autopilot. It is time to change that routine and discover new experiences. This could be something as simple as visiting a new coffee shop on the way to work, driving a different way home, or doing something new after work. Life is full of opportunity waiting to be discovered. You do not need to have the same routine every day; switching this up can truly do wonders for your mood.

Remember, it is OK to not be OK, but try these simple steps to boost your happiness and show everyone your smile.

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