The Set Up : Flattering or Embarrassing?

Ever been to a function and received the dreaded question : “So, where’s YOUR boyfriend?” You might laugh it off and try to explain that you are single. You might even lie about a fictional boyfriend. Or you might avoid answering completely and attempt to make a run for it.

¬†Every girl has been a victim to “The Set Up”. Not everyone agrees to it but it is always suggested.

There’s always that person who swears they “have the perfect guy for you.” They proceed to list his good qualities and accomplishments. They may even take it one step forward and provide a photo.

Chances are, this guy may not be as great as he sounds. You begin to wonder if he really looks like Ryan Gosling and loves animals. If he’s so great, why is he single?

When a friend tries to set you up it is usually because she is also in a relationship and wants someone to double date with. Or maybe someone has shared information of a guy having interest in you and asked for her help.

But then there are the worst kind of set ups : The random family member/close family friend who has the perfect son/brother/neighbour/nephew/gardener etc., who would be a perfect match for you.

It’s never enjoyable when people involve themselves in your love (or lack there of) life. But what I’ve come to learn is (more often than not) it is because the person making the suggestion loves you, not because they think you are desperate or a man repeller.

If they think so highly of this young man then you should be flattered! For all you know, they could be listing your good qualities and accomplishments to him.

So whether you or not you are up to being set up, just remember that no one would try to set you up if they didn’t think you were a great girl. So politely say “Thanks, but no thanks” ( if you have to lie in order to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, so be it) or if you’re interested…go for it! Whether or not you find him yourself, Mr. Right will find you sooner or later.

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